Simple Focus – the Natural Explorer

Now let’s say at this very moment I’m successfully in the middle of focussing on something:


But soon, an off-topic idea jumps out (or in) and tries to drag my attention away from the centre of my mindlessing.

In my response, if I look long enough or take to it seriously, engage, I submit, and a tear rips open along the focal border.

Next, if I continue with this trend, all of its buddy’s will follow, and I’ll exit my focus earlier than expected.

Yes, I might hold the position for a short while with the aid of Positive Reinforcement to give myself a boost back, before it’s too late. But rest assured, soon, I’ll be inundated with mixed thinking; I’ll be on my way out.

And even though I still might consider myself as focussing on the task at hand, the reality is, I’m not giving it my all; my best.

Seeing the Structure of Focus, Helps Me Focus in General!

When I first became aware of both the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ noise interactions as a simple form of focus contamination that naturally increased my perception of time (thereby taking my energy), and regardless to what any of the off-topic subsequential ideas carried on about, things fundamentally changed.

For once, I had a REAL CHANCE to stay focussed and reach my goal. Only after stepping back and noticing this, could I devalue these incoming stories and not get so distracted since I’d now see that the overall activity ultimately led to my departure from the task. Otherwise, my habits and comforts stayed on and ruled.

Whereas before, when I couldn’t focus or record something clearly, I’d always rely on generating  more desire  to thrust the processing of detailed knowledge (drill it in!), so I could stand the ground and firmly focus. However, I then realised, that too, always kept me busy in the wrong area, bordering to outside my lens.

Plus, once the negatives overwhelmed, which usually didn’t take long, this also left a nasty taste in my mouth for next time. You see, now I have no desire to return because a negative remembrance causes resistance and keeps me away!

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