Coffs Harbour’s Hidden Cost For Being Put on the Map

Has everyone gone bananas? Coffs Harbour in NSW is known for its bananas & tourism. But what about the dangerous chemicals sprayed over the town earlier?

Sydney Morning Herald – October 16, 1985 (by google).

As a young grub who loved playing in the dirt right next to a banana plantation growing up (and sometimes in it), I enjoyed watching the spray planes unload on us.

I now can’t help but think that a contamination of this scope over the decades has got to have a rippling generational effect.

Did you know that a mother gives birth to both her child and grandchildren at the same time. Yes, a baby girl comes into this world with her lifetime of eggs.

Just saying…

Coffs Harbour is still a bit out there. But so am I! 🎃

Also, another interesting report from ASEHA Qld – Allergy, Sensitivity & Environmental Health Association Qld Inc (ASEHA Qld Inc) is worth reading for anyone who lived in the area.

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