A Stronger Psyche Chart

This time, let’s look at the order from a stronger stance that includes crucial space

A Wholesome Understanding of Pleasure

AttractionLesser Conversion (= Space) – Less Resistance (= Winner) – Less Attraction (= Less future neediness)

After clearly seeing myself go through the usual cycle many times, I’m at the broader scope.

A stronger understanding immediately allows a better chance to release ‘part of’ my rewarding thoughts that I grab-onto, before they totally consume — convert and deplete as I peak. Basically, I pull up on my conversions perhaps a 3/4 of the way thru in a sacrifice, allowing space or spacial-energy in. It’s a quarter less than before; no huge deal/loss!

Although it is important to note that I haven’t created space, letting go or dropping these positive thoughts amount to crucial space revitalisation.

Now can you see how Resistance isn’t dominant, which is obviously my end goal?

In this scenario, I’ve let go of a portion of my usual desirable sensation before digging myself in too deep, allowing space to nourish my state, instead.

However, at first, it’s not that tasty; there is a negative perception. But it’s only within the letting go as I feel I’m missing out on a regular meal since cutting myself short.

Yet in time, if I’m serious, this perception also fades.

** It’s not about denying pleasure. It’s about giving my sensors a rest to replenish, so I run smoother.

To reduce the negatives, in the long term, I start now by watching my pull on the positives.

Polarity Odometer 2

Backwards doesn’t look so bad now after all, huh?

Do you know what’s coming up next? I’ll leave it a surprise.

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