My Lacking Discipline Chart

To break it down into something simpler below is the order of pleasure where I lack a stronger understanding

An Infant Understanding of Pleasure

Attraction -> Conversion -> Resistance -> Attraction

Aka: Desire | Touch | Fear | Desire

First, I desire a different state of mind thanks to time making things average and eventually, uncomfortable/resistful.

Next, I find thoughts and or physics to achieve this (my imagination + stimulation from the outer word) and reactions take place.  Yay, I’m happy again. 

Following on, I attempt to maintain my position or add more fuel. In which case, Resistance inevitably comes in as fear since I can’t keep things intact.

I.e. My sensors are exhausted;  I’m hungover!  I’m unable to recognise the state anymore as time normalises things and now I want DOUBLE the goodness back;  I’m agitated . Also, when I see problems, I automatically try to ignore them by pulling in MORE PLEASURE as compensating-space (aka psychological augmentation). However, this also ends up failing after so many times and causes greater tension/rigidity.

All-day, every day, this process repeats.

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