Desire – the Attracting Force 🧲

It’s time to hand in old habits for a chance at actualising my thoughts into reality. From all my past memories that registered pleasure, I naturally want experiences like these to replay. Except, I’d usually go overboard and stay caught up in an unreal world. So I have to approach this differently

A Desire Complex – Drowned in Positivity

With business as usual, my habits continue to convince me that the story playing upstairs is where It’s called the Desire Complex because my thoughts go into projection overdrive, and I reap the rewards of psychological stimuli before ever setting foot on the big stage. Of course, I need some sort of stimulation to get … Read more

Simple Desire – I Understand the Complex & React Simply

Like everyone, I’m a creature of habit. My programs are made of past/acquired influences that are now ingrained. These snippets of information have naturally encoded into my /psychological–conditioning-folder/ that is clearly showing up on my desktop display. To this day, I continue to latch onto various stimuli and my attention shifts between each state as … Read more

The Counterforce Inside Elasticity

So it’s no longer rocket-science to know I’ll get stung on the flipside when my desires run wild, as I hit an intense repel-attract, repel-attract fluctuation — a hot and cold situation. What an absurd law for our makers to have put in! Otherwise, sure enough, I’d still be mass-producing my desires, day in and … Read more

The Exit From the Desire Complex Is Always in Arms Reach

Yet the reality is… I’m conditioned to stretch beyond. From what I’ve learnt so far, in order to exit this consuming Desire Complex, I first have to approach the issue with a little bit of simplicity in mind (not too much otherwise it turns complicated). Then, I allow a simple see-and-react motion to do its … Read more