Efficiency & Optimisation

System Checkup

It’s now time to bring out our inner doctor… Let’s look at our ability to help, heal or fix (code/decode) ourself.

Sometimes life requires that we become a Doctor and write out a few handy mental prescriptions at another level. Don’t worry… they cost nothing.

Nowadays, when I call upon my willpower I run a quick diagnostic check first.

I question with

Can I consolidate the number of instances that my Will will perform?

Followed by

Do I really need the majority of them taking up precious room?


Is the new idea that is asking for power able to blend in with the one greater aspect using a clear channel for my energy to flow? I.e., can I see a close relationship between whatever it is I’m moving towards and my nature? If so, can I allow it to strengthen on its own accord?

I must be aware of multiple threads processing between various fragments or states as larger reserves get drawn.

Otherwise, if I’m careless and place my willpower at every corner of life, I should expect a bombardment from a surrounding fleet of ideas. Both my rewarding and concerning/objecting background chatter CLASH, and this quickly turns the situation into a hostile environment against the living. ⚔️

It may appear a little backwards to the conventional mind, but please understand, this helps the highly sensitive folk!

A One-Mind-Order

When my willpower encompasses an overall or a centralised organisation, as one stronger process containing smaller related instructions, yet is also extremely lightweight, then it means I no longer abruptly change my ways to cater for each distant part/persona/fragment.

My willpower starts unifying because I see what’s not serving the bigger picture… it’s culled.

THAT which holds me down can get back in the ground!

Subsequently, I won’t bend over backwards in one aspect or tumble forwards in another as much between different things. With fewer angles, less push/resistance, fewer mishaps, and definitely reduced overlapping, everything becomes smoother when it all falls under one.

And for the first time of not having my rewards and resistance fighting it out so hard, I arrive at a natural or neutral ground. The only place I firmly move from.

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