What Is Normal?

My Baseline Version 1.0 and all changes that came after would stack up…

Like many people, I got drilled with an initial idea of normal at a young age. Then, as I played in the field, it fractured into a few. Soon, I was jumping between pieces or versions from moment to moment as I do on different sized rocks along a rockpool. I felt I had to find a sure way to serve both those around me and these fresh inner urges that never let up by somehow housing my youthful volatility.

Showing no signs of slowing, while instead I powered on in refined foods and thoughts as ‘new highly combustible fuels’ hit the scene, I had little interest in staying with the boring default. Which went onto double, if not triple digits: i.e., I peaked at Version 99.9

However, in saying this I could also always jump back to 1.0 when needed, in the simple blink of an eye. By some built-in mechanism, I could immediately switch modes and get back to base in order to satisfy older people who would expect basic movements out of me.

Surprisingly, holding 1.0 proved that we all still shared the same traits and hadn’t lost our compatibility over the course of our time together. But give me another 20 minutes or so, and I would feel myself getting antsy. And not long after, there I’d go… You would now clearly notice that this kid and age-old-setting were no longer meant to be.

The Kamikaze Kid

You see the hardest part about being 1.0 was holding my position for an extended time. An hour felt like 5 or 10, and the mission became overbearing. I would be trying my best NOT to wriggle out!

Whereas, perhaps prior to my environmental pressures that included filling my head with Earth’s concentrates or its more wild side from secret boundary hopping, sure… things may have gone the other way with an effort needed instead to get to the ‘less’ ‘ab’ or ‘over’ normal versions in a boring yet steady life choice. But in reality, this everyday path definitely wasn’t part of my plan or would ever have worked for me.

For some reason, my tendency to be sneaky from a young age was far too strong. I came gift-wrapped this way from the very start.

Once that turbo fuel kicked in and the fun lit up in my environment, there was no chance of ever living out a normal life — except, only in exhibition mode. Which I did ace for a short while.

Then from this point on, I had no interest in slowing and pursued every process in OVERDRIVE.

Sneaky face
My Inner-Earthly Child

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