How Do I Deal With General Pain?

Like any sane person, I try to avoid pain at all times.

However, life is not always in my control and nature smacks me now and then, whether I want to call it that or not. Today, I can only do my best to deal with pain and not immediately jump to pain relief medicines, unless it’s too much. Then absolutely, YES. I’ll need enough suppression to cope. General pain is the outside force disrupting my nervous system through physical contact or stimulation, but without travelling via the psychological system.

Stepping safelyNow if I don’t want pain to be an overwhelming factor in life in terms of what I can control, I’ll manage my physical and psychological intakes with exceptional care. I won’t eat or absorb too much crap (compared to everyone else) as a way to stay sharp. Without any excuse, I’ll become an efficient human who knows where to and where not to walk, bettering my odds at staying safe.

Also, I’ll stop sheltering myself as much, so I’m not so sensitive to the outside world. I figured, why not give myself the best conditions for any surprises on the path ahead and stop increasing my sensitivity for the long run.

Next, let’s change the scenery (turn it up) and head straight into fruits. 🍓🍇🍒

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