It is now my pleasure to introduce to you my thoughts on the Magnetic Field of Attraction.

Or quite often, it’s felt as the Without or Anti Gravity playing field.


The Nectar of Life 😋

Now, let’s suppose that I can continually convert pleasure without ever experiencing a flipside, or somehow the value gets reloaded freely. Surely, I would be on a winner, right? Wouldn’t this process then be the absolute Golden Goose of existence that we all only ever dream of?

A particular cause with the desired effect that doesn’t follow on to create another rebound or blowback event that ruins my day? As my god can’t see or he instead issues a pass to let it slide?

It has taken a while to understand, but I think I now know why these annoying opposites get packaged in. Or at least I hold a firm belief on the matter.

Let me break it down

From experience, the difference between rock bottom and sky-high was an intense/extreme rush from end to end with way too many variables to be learnt out of a book. Or from within a controlled environment.

You see I’ve been sky high many times before from heavy synthetic chemical reactions. Also, I have hit rock bottom below in an ugly feeling that soon followed on. Although, when I think back, I’m sure I could have gone extra levels in both ways had I not pulled up.

But without first flying towards the upper atmosphere to gain that initial wild burst that was super intense but also short-lived, I definitely wouldn’t have experienced the other at the dark depths of the ocean floor that felt long term. My taste for sky-high ultimately led to an ongoing attachment in one aspect, while I naturally neglected other parts of life. As another consequence. this put a massive demand on those around me since I didn’t have my act together.

Though it’s not rocket science when you think about it… Stronger chemical conversions made me stupid.  That was the exchange! 

The Moral of the Story

If everyone succumbed to endless temptation, reality would fall apart. We obviously need the negatives to pull us up!

<Begin Speculating>

Perhaps in the bigger picture, we all take turns in the balancing process by rebuilding and destroying our shared reality in many other lives, both settling and adding debt to the tab if that makes sense. That’s if there’s anything overly outstanding or too far in advance.

Now, I suppose we could do this in one of at least two ways:

  1. As single-celled microbes up to a few billion years ago.
  2. As another multi-celled complex one of us, only a hundred or thousand ago. Or potentially ahead… in either 1 or 2.

<End Speculating>

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