Expectations vs Spontaneity… 🤤 vs 😲

Now that I have a firm understanding of pleasure, there is another feeling worth exploring, one that is beyond and found only in a spontaneous moment. In this section, I compare pleasure up against joy, a stronger field that is HOME to Spontaneity.

No one ever speaks about this topic much or if so only superficially. Let’s change that and unravel it to find out more…

Expectation vs spontaneity

With & Without the Sense Ahead

Before I eat a piece of cake or drink a beer, I know what’s coming… I get an early taste in a projection. When I’m about to ride my bike or skateboard on a warm summer’s day with a light ocean breeze, I already sense the heat, wind and environment that will soon hit me for real — during a preview.

My input systems are well aware of the changes that are about to take place in anticipation of a set of tasty conversions heading my way. In fact today, it’s rare for me to think otherwise and expect the unexpected  because I simply always know what to expect. 

Let’s jump straight into the fruits of pleasure and joy, which is why we live and move forward… right?

But first, if you’ve already read My Understanding, then you’ll know I perceive pleasure from replaying my thoughts and joy from seeing something fresh. Like, when I first understand something, which is why I laid it out there to begin with.

Btw, this is in terms of psychological pleasure. Aka ‘the tomorrow treat’.

I’ll unwrap it in one sentence…

It’s the real-time moment and not the recorded impression ‘replayed’ that enlivens a process of joy.

But now, I’d like to extend further and tell you that joy is actually more pronounced in the completely unanticipated.

That is, the unique shapes in my experience catching me totally off-guard and isn’t within a learning environment that I know of. In which case, I know something good is coming, but I’m not exactly sure what it is. Let’s instead call this totally unpredictable process, the Greater Joy, one that delivers above and beyond.

Joyful world

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