Heavy Fragment Prison

Feeling Heavy

Here is a typical scenario of where I reinforce a dense psychological fragment

I feel problems in the cogs and pressures rise again. Why? I’m about to meet another experience related to an outstanding issue. My disruption of flow is the only formal notice to prep before the storm. Although on many occasions, the storm ahead makes the storm start now! ⛈️

Next, with the sense of time being its usual pain in the butt and feeling longer, I look relentlessly for a fix. I hunt for the best thoughts possible which can be anything loaded with either answers or conveniences, and I use these to deal with my issue before I make contact with it in reality.

Driven by an increasing surge of fear of something unpleasant ahead (a potential breakdown, conflict or something pain-related), whatever practical processes that are running my show upstairs will soon come under risk. My overall stress and anxiety levels intensify, so it’s only a matter of time before I peak. Therefore, I manifest this god-forsaken breakdown, so its potential is no longer only ahead!

Lastly, within my confinement or cage that’s now locked me in, I’ve also managed to convince myself that I’ve explored every possibility that might help my situation. But as usual, I can’t slow my thinking down or take a breath. I continue going round and round in mental circles with absolutely nothing new to report!

I check, double-check, triple-check, etc., as most do under heavier stress. However, it’s too late, and I’m spent. I’ve inflated the issue and drained myself in the process.

It’s time to pack my bags and get to my holiday spot asap!

Follow the Signs to Serenity

Finally, after working myself up into a massive fuss over things others may find trivial, it’s time to eject and I jump to a convenience that will set me free. Thru a specialised meditative escape hatch readied for my approach, I use the quickest route from my imagination and transport myself away.

Whatever the story, it doesn’t matter as the above is what usually plays out. Depending on the intensity/density or psi, I’d use one, two or a few levels of rituals to ultimately suppress the pressure. I augment my perceptive space with comforting content instead.

Like a valium, this can almost immediately stop the problem from targeting my nervous system. Short term, like the real stuff.

Other times it takes longer.

As my journey begins, it means my attention has sought refuge from the chaos in the cogs.

The driving fact is… I’m an experienced traveller who regularly crosses State Lines.

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