The Influence Files

Recycling Marker

Prepare to get your psyche tweaked by focussing your attention on our systems of influence.

Channelling My Attention

Focussing My Energy

There are forces that run my world & push/pull on my awareness. Am I in control of anything? I like to think that I am…

The Drive

I’m always moving in life, whether it is by role-playing inside my head or in actual movements thru my limbs. Although, nowadays, I prefer to transfer a larger portion of my energy into reality.

Just as a car has an accelerator, clutch, gearbox and steering column, I too have components and systems working together with the aim of getting me from point A to point B.

πŸ“‚ The Drive


Often, I can’t stop grabbing at the ‘objects’ of my desire which can be overwhelming, and I end up clouded. This distortion goes on affecting other aspects of my life that require a clear mind. But if one doesn’t have desires in life or can’t reach for an object, then what is the point of living?

A good part of my running narrative (the combined story of me and my surroundings) is driven by things or aspects that are yet to manifest, and I want to turn them into a reality. Yet for some reason, they have stayed unreal for far too long while I fizzled out trying to get them over the line.


Whenever there is a will there is a way… so they say. Let’s take a look at the force that supposedly drives my bag of bones around in this big complex world.

Focus & Concentration

Focussing my attention onto specific fields was never a problem until it came to putting it on what my peers and elders had in mind. All that schoolwork, homework, housework and conventional stuff really sucked!

But, guess what? I know it doesn’t have to stay that way anymore, even though it is now this far down the track. Instead, let’s get back to the drawing board and have another shot at understanding a prime function. Together, we will explore the next few pages to get a handle on focus & concentration in a new light.

Converting Influence

Fierce chemical reactions

Explosions send ripples & signals throughout my system, causing stronger sensations before things normalise into everyday experiences.

Influence & Normalisation

I’ve often had an issue with ‘being normal’, which is why I decided to observe the way life influences or creates many versions of this thing called ‘normal’. I find it fascinating how life manipulates the way people perceive the sights and events encountered in the very same environment. Don’t you?

‘Normal’ is the result of many chemical reactions over long periods of time. However, if my influence supply chain differs from yours, then we will likely see each other as anything but normal.

Fear & Pain

There is an ugly side to life that we all must face. In which case, why not face it with strength & durability?

A while back, I decided to give myself the best conditions to meet the challenges of everyday life by understanding the fear & pain system as much as I can.


As it’s everyone’s favourite channel (or gland), why flick to anything other than pleasure?

Except… I recently found out that it’s not an easy task to stay on the pleasure station (or drip).

I write about pleasure because I’m interested in a clean line of pleasure bearing little-to-no blowback. Is such a gift possible? A credit system without a debit system pulling me back to fear & pain?

Expectations vs Spontaneity

Do you know what is better than eating a piece of cake? I’ll tell you…

It’s not knowing that you are about to eat a piece of cake, and all of a sudden… you are given a great piece of cake that you have never had before.