The 2 Types of Mind Files

The 2 Types of mind

Sure, we could divide the mind types into many. But let’s start at two, the simplest way. The Odd & the Herd.

The Highly Sensitive Mind vs the General Mind

I’m not one to voice my thoughts from a minority base as I like to at least pretend that I’m on even ground with everyone. However, there comes a time when I need to get a stronger handle on the differences I have between myself and the regular population.

The Highly Sensitive Mind Challenges

Where do I start? Most people aren’t even aware of the sensitivity differences between us. Let alone, any challenges that go with them.

More Odd Challenges

Just when I thought things couldn’t get more backwards (in the bad sense…), I got stuck split between two very different states of mind. To get back to one, I had to tap into another field…

Saved by the Banana

I have carried many frustrations over the years because of the way I perceive life. So I figured… I’ll just deal with everything as fruitfully as possible.

We all tell little white lies for the sake of convenience and sanity when dealing with unwanted overlaps in our reality. Unless it’s only me..? To be completely honest, bending or transforming small and insignificant information into banana’s has become a crucial part of my life. Without them by my side and ready to hand out, I would be stuffed.

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