Our Innerverse

Did you know that the psychological realm is also a Universe that is called the Innerverse? Or at least in my head, it is well-known as that.
Otherwise and as many know, it is named our Perceptive Reality.

Understanding Internal Time & Space

The Innerverse

Time and Space usually refers to the inside measuring the outside world. Or it is when a person builds physical relationships with outer objects, such as people, animals, lands, plants, and the like. But psychologically, I have an internal-only measure that covers my entire state of mind with emotions and feelings. The Innerverse has its own Time & Space or Spacetime Continuum that I endlessly travel within.

This upcoming section on both Time and Space of an invisible nature covers everything I understand so far in terms of internal symmetry. That is, the space experienced in my various moods, fragments or states, which I feel as either cramped in a cage  from fear,  or open and expanded  from pleasure/joy.  Most of the space, however, falls in between as I might only be experiencing a slight up or down at any moment.

At the same time of experiencing a space, there is a time force responsible for each change in mental direction, fuelling my attention with past memories and future projections. A field of thoughts carries charged magnetic properties across from each pole which then converts into a space. Or so it feels that way… as MAGNETISM (+/-) or GRAVITY (pro/anti). In any case, mental objects get pushed and pulled around to shape my current spatial state — tightly or freely.

Within my internal realm, it’s all about a feeling towards or against a particular direction. That is, when I’m not existing near the neutral state.

For Instance:

In one moment, my perception of time is stable and optimal. But during the next, and when my thoughts compress into undesirable thinking, time on the clock dramatically slows down or feels longer than usual as I fiercely push away at something.


Time = My thoughts on the surface of my mind, thus it is my entire conscious psychological activity.

These powering properties within then convert into…

Space = My state of mind. Again, I either feel positive or negative | floaty or weighted | cramped or spacious | a day vs a month (or somewhere in between).

The In-Laws (My Inner Spacetime Law)

To reiterate, my magnetic chatterbox mind is made up of both charged memories of yesterday (which are records of my experience aka the past) AND any projections I formulate into tomorrow (which is memory processed to appear as the future). So whenever I’m not feeling neutral or optimal, I’m either attracted to or repelling a particular direction in my life for the sake of experiencing or maintaining a level of space which gets interpreted as the future. But really… everything gets processed in the ‘now’.

My thinking starts and continues in two ways

  1. When responding to an experience — i.e., from touching life.
  2. When responding to a line of ongoing thinking — i.e., idling like a car (soft/medium/heavy). It’s my autopilot feature that continuously refines my history in order to regulate doses of pleasure and fear that I’m used to receiving.

In any case, I land at various areas of density or perceived enclosures — a measured space in which I am either freed or caged.

In total, an invisible mass of magnetic thinking tugs at my attention and takes me out of neutral. I try to stay minding my own business in the big Innerverse but things keep popping up taking my attention!

The Psycho-Magnetic Field (In a Nutshell)

When I enter into negative thinking, it comes from thoughts that produce negative sensations which give off a feeling of intense gravity because resistance makes me feel heavy. Yes, I understand that gravity is an attracting force (although a very weak one in the real world). But in this case heaviness is created by resistance, not attraction. Thus, the more I push against a particular thought or direction, the heavier my inner reality becomes. Now, rather than keeping me afloat my thoughts and emotions begin to pull me into the dark depths below.

On the other hand, when I enter into pleasant thinking, it comes from thoughts that produce positive sensations which give off a gravity-free effect, and I feel floaty instead. This shortlived luxury of less weight or weightlessness means that I perceive no cage/enclosure. Or very little.

Also, there is another type of space from beyond the dimension of thought called Actual Space; Aka Spatial Energy, Crucial Space, the Great Silence. However, it’s a bit of a tricky topic to touch on just yet, so I’ll leave it till later when it will be easier to understand.

Please everyone, remain seated and keep your seatbelts fastened, as you may experience a little dizziness or light-headedness. Time & Space tends to feel a little warped upon your first visit!

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