The Time Compression Field

This isn’t the space I want to live in! I’ve increased the density and stress within my experience of life and have entered the TCF… 😫

It has its name for good reason. When time compresses, it means I’m cluttered, anxious and annoyed, and it feels like the walls of life are closing in from every direction! Pressure has risen to a breaking point and is clearly expressing itself thru my nervous system because one of the broken components in my life, namely my inability to handle issues as they arise, which allows them to grow and spiral out of control.

I’m in troubleshoot mode as my thoughts fire off in every direction. Also, my perception of calendar time significantly amplifies, turning each and every second into many.

Next, as I try to find a solution ‘out’ by my usual channel and overthink the situation, I only take things from bad to worse.

Although at first, I usually run with my urge to think-think-think, because the imperative to fix the situation makes this seem like the way to go. Upon looking deeper, however, the fact of the matter is quite different.

By always diving headfirst into the problem and heavily processing the information in my attempt to dig up the key to my salvation, which is to fix my future, I would end up causing more harm than good. I would reduce the space between my thoughts, ensuring unhealthy activity for my future instead.

Lastly, with excess heat filling the room upstairs, I have finally had enough.

It’s time for me to evacuate and get to somewhere timeless!

Dealing With the Compression

Compressed/Dense/Amplified/Distressed Time, means that I’m consumed by the haunts of yesterday and the immediate threat of a similar repeat occurring tomorrow, or soon. Once I’m stuck inside this damn tight enclosure, I offset the process the only way I know how. In desperation, I hunt for a set of thoughts stocked with just enough pleasure from my safe-haven imaginary positive-time land, aka my happy place, and ‘grab at it’ causing a shift, thereby creating a light at the end of the ever-compressing tunnel.

By using my ability to refine, convert and compensate over the fear, I open a pathway to my escape. You see, when I’m less stressed and decompressed, no matter how this space gets achieved, the only concern I have about the clock is it staying FAR AWAY!

My sole aim inside a Time Compression Field is to get out super fast.

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