With Time by My Side

Today, as soon as I feel a god-like presence intensify from positive thinking found in either combination of Yesterday or Tomorrow (the memory or refinement), then this tells me that my state is Not-So-Timeless.

Besides, it’s clear… Time comes from a line. It is Yesterday’s history and Tomorrow’s future in a timeline!

Why is it so important to know?

Because when I’m overly positive, I’m bound to crash. 🌊

It sounds weird, right? Surely, we can’t be too positive… right?

Well, all this stuff is mainly for the Highly Sensitive Person. Otherwise, those who are less sensitive can get a pass.

Let’s now notice ‘time’ by exploring the ‘timeless’…

Any IdeaIdealBelief or Concept cannot carry the Timeless because there is only room for Time instead, whether condensed or not in terms of the pressure from each description or image.

Question: Do you remember? 

Answer: If so, then that’s not it either! That’s ALL Time! All these descriptions are time!


The original slide contains Yesterday, and my refined projection on a painted canvas is what I call Tomorrow (which is composed of Photoshopped-Yesterdays). However, unless I know this deeply, then these containers or carriers of thought (and time) can easily influence my nerves and send signals upstairs convincing me otherwise… Hey, I’m a god!

Now, do you see why I had to immediately patch up?

Whether my thoughts describe something years, months, days, hours, minutes, or seconds ‘ago’ or ‘in front’ of the timeline, it makes little difference.

The timeless knows no time whatsoever!

In fact, the moment I point to the timeless and say… I am here, there, or very close to it, this will be my best indicator that tells me that I’m well inside time instead.

The Pretend-Present is definitely a pleasant space for floating in and around. But without discipline, it’s too easy to drift off and lose ground altogether for a highly sensitive person.

Nowadays, what is more important is understanding these Time Cogs, so that I negate my long term challenges, cull the fat and ultimately get my act together.

Space-like sensations
Grounding first, then venture off…

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