The Structure Files

Extracting the core components…
Extracting & Loading
The main function files of my psyche are in this section. Let’s make our way into the structure of my thoughts, my state of mind, and how I learn things in general. Continue on…

My Thinking Structure | My Divided State | My Understanding

My Thinking Structure

My Thinking Structure

I need to know from scratch. How did this thought arise?

The Basics & Influence

How far have you travelled into your thoughts? Do you know what they are even made of?

Well, since they control life, I figure why not learn the mechanics and get a handle on things over the long term. I want everything to run smoothly and without any surprises. Don’t you..?

Projecting My Thoughts

Light, camera, ACTION! Or at least that is the plan… Take a step onto the set of my mind’s theatre and watch role after role unfold with all sorts of drama that instead delays action in the real world.

My Beliefs & Faith

So do I spend a lifetime of being hypnotised on one mental thing to next, or do I see what all the fuss is really about?

I have never been a believer in the traditional sense, which I always thought was a good thing. But my beliefs were just on other things instead…

Belief in a Silly Story

After getting wound up in the wrong business, I decided enough was enough. Yet it took a miracle to pull myself out of a destructive way of living.

Explaining a Concept

I often compare the construction of our thoughts to the creation of life that carries properties across each generation. Do our thoughts have a bloodline?

My Divided State

My divided state

I act and feel one way, but soon it’ll be another opposite way as I step back & forth between regions of problems & escapes.


Like a computer, I want to run efficiently and effectively. There is no use having messy files and weight tie things up in the background 24/7.

Mindless-Ware nows comes with advanced optimisation to help utilise our system resources and increase performance.

My Understanding

Less is more

I need to know ‘more’, so where does one start? By learning all about ‘less’, of course!

How I Learn

I was behind the 8 ball growing up, yet I felt I had so much energy to excel at anything. There must be another way of processing life’s information for the sake of becoming stronger and moving forward.

I must learn ‘how to learn properly’!

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