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The main update files for my psyche are in this section. Make your way into the structure of my thoughts, my state of mind, and how I learn things in general. Continue on…

My Thinking Structure | My Divided State | My Understanding

My Thinking Structure

My Thinking Structure

I need to know from scratch. How do these thoughts arise?

The Basics of My Thinking & How It Is Influenced

How far have you travelled into your thoughts when trying to understand them? Do you even know what they are made of?

Well, since they control my life, I figure why not learn the mechanics and get a handle on things over the long term. I want everything to run smoothly and without any surprises. Wouldn’t you want the same too if you struggled with conventional methods?

Projecting My Thoughts

Lights, Camera, ACTION! Or at least, that is always the plan inside my head… Take a step onto the set of my mind’s theatre and watch role after role unfold with all sorts of drama carrying on. Unfortunately, this drama usually delays action in the real world from occurring, instead of helping it along.

My Beliefs & Faith

So do I spend a lifetime being hypnotised by one mental thing after another? Or, do I simply see what all the fuss is really about inside my belief system?

I have never been a believer in the traditional sense, which I always thought was a good thing. But I now see that my beliefs were just on other things instead…

Ending the Illusion

After getting wound up in the wrong business, I decided enough was enough. Yet it took a miracle (✌️) to pull myself out of a destructive way of living and move closer to the light.

Explaining a Concept

I often compare the construction of our thoughts to the creation of life that carries properties across each generation. Do our thoughts have a bloodline & lineage? I would say that they do.

My Divided State

My divided state

I feel and act one way, but soon it’ll be another opposite way as I step back & forth between regions of problems & escapes. Welcome to my divided world.


Like a computer, I want to run my life efficiently and effectively. I can’t see any good reason to keep unnecessary files scattered across my system. All they do is tie things up in the background.

Fortunately, Mindless-Ware nows comes with advanced notification and better resource management to help optimise my overall performance.

My Understanding

Less is more

I need to know ‘more’, so where does one start? By learning all about ‘less’, of course!

Also, rather than fixating on the ‘object’ of what I am learning, why not first try to ‘understand my understanding’ as clearly as I can? It makes more sense this way…

How I Learn

I was behind the 8 ball growing up, yet I felt I had so much energy I could excel in anything thrown my way. It’s something that has bugged me for a while now. Surely, there must be another way of processing life’s information for the sake of becoming stronger and moving forward.

Wait… I’ve got it! I must first learn ‘how to learn properly’ by looking directly at the blockages that stop me from learning.

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