What Are the Products & Byproducts of My Thoughts?

The Products run smoothly in this order

PLAYING/REPLAYING my thoughts will cause a SENSATION registering good or bad, or somewhere in between. This process of creating DIRECTION in my mind then goes on to produce ACTION in the REAL WORLD (on a good day) and my idea gets released.

And the Byproduct comes into effect when I attach onto these records and refinements and always process ‘DIRECTION in my mind’ for MORE TASTE, because I’m TOO CAUGHT UP! — thereby reducing the flow in life.

For instance, when I’m stuck trying to turn a negative into a positive or when I’m chewing on that positive again by abusing photoshop, I veer off.

Thankfully, nowadays, I’ve cut back.

Thoughts are obviously required to get me from A to B, but clearly have downsides. Because when I’m always processing, this impacts my real-time experience or the present moment, thereby reducing my quality of life. Specifically, when overwhelmed in the makings of Yesterday and Tomorrow, my perception of time fluctuates, and I feel its peaks in both ways, longer in fear AND shorter in delight; i.e., when I’m greatly up & down.

I LOSE TOUCH with the present, even though the present is ALL THAT IS in my reality (my REAL-ality).

So again, when the background of my reality floods with residue, this overflows onto the foreground, and I live everywhere EXCEPT now. I’m no longer afresh to meet new experiences, or I always meet the new, sluggishly, by carrying too much of the old.

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