An Idea – The First System of Thoughts as Potential Direction

Excuse me, mind. Which way are we heading today?

What’s an idea?

  1. In the act of mental processing, a steady buildup of my life-impressions or experience-residue that holds similar influential properties converge into something stronger:  i.e., it’s the start of a collage as I put new pictures together.  
  2. Several experiences in my life gathered enough strength to create a larger system delivering a substantial hit. Or more than what the single psychological snippet would typically produce.  I’m now thinking along a line thanks to an internal symmetry. 
  3. This coming-together also translates a stronger meaning and gives off a sense of direction to go one way or another:  i.e., I want or don’t want these images to realise and therefore I step accordingly. 

An idea is made up of a closely related set of thoughts and signals the possibility for an experience to occur or for a defined potential to be realised.

In My Unreal World, I React to an Idea in Either of These Ways

Idea Response Protocol
  • Pro Behaviour or pleasure/appeal — I follow or consider following the idea.
  • Against Behaviour or fear/repel I move away or consider moving away from the idea, which puts me in another direction.
  • I Let it Go or release — I let go of the idea because I’ve lost interest or it’s too far fetched or clearly impractical.
  • I Get Caught Up or I attach, spike & fluctuate — I get stuck thinking, waste energy and let reality suffer as a result. I’ve allowed my idea to run overly wild into others in return for cascading emotional and sexual energy.

For a good part of my life I’d often mistake the 4th for the 1st.

Next, as my related ideas in the local group condense, they too upgrade into an even larger system.

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