Sweet Blindness – Belief in My Creation, Construction & Destruction

As I would learn the hard way, any outstanding backlash from the weight of my beliefs might not hit for a while. It could hit today, tomorrow, or in another 5, 10, or more years within the big picture. Ultimately, in my case, the surroundings served back a special surprise after a few years. Having acted from a line of ignorance and speculation while under the impression my behaviour was just because of juicy ideals that hit the spot, this didn’t settle the bill in the real world.

I won’t get into it now, but I’ll give an example of what I’m trying to explain

Let’s say I take a step and call it ‘paving the path for myself and future generations’. But on the other end of this act, or at the backend, is an increasing trend to destroy or displace wildlife, add pressure to farmed-life, and I might also be hurting other people in faraway cultures thru a rippling effect. Let alone any mental or physical health problems I help to create within my community by offering a short term fix at a hidden cost.

A short term fix at a long term cost runs rampant on this planet; I see it everywhere. Unfortunately, some exploitation goes too far.

And to top it off are the usual mounting elemental issues. Contaminated air, soil and water, etc., which I’m ignorant to because it’s two or three steps past my caring vision and away from me, like animals in a slaughterhouse. I’m sure everyone gets the picture. It’s our basic human activity that comes at a later cost — pollution, environment and climate change. We increase the conditions that spawn Zombies and blame it all on nature!

Except, nowadays, it’s my time to watch how I process my energy and not be a grub anymore since I live in a modern world that puts an automatic high demand on nature. YES, I live on the inside of a comfy bubble that always wants more, more, and more!

We, the Civilised Superior, by Default Behaviour, Hurt the Inferior

Therefore, I now watch the what, where, when and how I compose and decompose surrounding life, eyeing my intakes and outputs to a larger degree. Reducing my demand doesn’t mean a mundane life. If anything, life wakes up and I’m given a new challenge!

Previously, I didn’t care about any of these factors because I was either too busy enjoying myself in a trance-like state, or rock bottom in an extreme low.


A later cost from basic human activity is often written off by the idea of death at old age, which brings relief to many because it means an open tab or something without consequence, mainly to those attached to a Sci-Tech God or when in anti-god mode.

I live ONCE as a freak of nature, then I’m forever gone. Someone else deals with it!

But what is the nature of ‘someone else’?

Therefore, I’m not convinced that declaring biological bankruptcy (dying) will cover a thing or write anything off.

As I look up at night, there is an order in the stars.

Our Deadly Species

To put it simply, I’ve taken the heavier unconscious step through life. But from my limited perspective I would see hope, glamour and beauty amid great changes to my ordinary world. Obviously, to construct something worthwhile will always require a level of destruction and can easily include death to gain other parts or clear out space. But if I can’t see too far on the backend, seeing only good things occurring, I’ll want to trademark these beliefs. I’ll want to wholesale and spread them out everywhere in the aim of maximising my numbers!

The danger is not in my destructive force. I’m human, I’ve already accepted the fact  I’m the deadliest creature on the planet that displaces nearly every other.  This despite being physically frail in terms of what else is in the jungle, since we don’t have sharp claws or strong jaws as mighty predators do. But often, when our minds combine, we’re lethal to some other being or species we’ve deemed insignificant.

So my problem (if I dare to see) is this illusion I hold of ‘pure creativity’, one I’ll expand on like thriving cancer in a body. Are we not how these cells operate at the best of times in the modern world? A fast-expanding complex system demanding far more energy than others sharing the same host? To me, it’s obvious that in today’s crazy world, everyone is getting sucked into the VORTEX of belief.

But why?

She is the mother force of ALL forces.

Religious or not, we all want a bigger piece of the diminishing cake and with more space for our ways!

We Want to Super-Expand but Without Paying the Bill at the So-Called End of Life!

However, soon there’ll be little left as we regenerate back into our children or perhaps as something else. Instead, we might just find ourselves incaged from a handed down trickery; in a big biological game we’ve called Life.

Therefore it is in my best interest that I at least SEE the broader processes I’m responsible for if I am to continue my ways. My ways, mind you, that might not fit in with your ways, or life’s ways. Because if I do, I might respond with more care.

I could potentially reroute my energy into sustaining the life that gives life to my beliefs (materials, animals and plants) before my urge to expand takes over. Unless I’m not a nice person. In which case, I won’t!

I might be more conscious of any excess byproducts that spill and prioritise my investment back into nature to ensure the play goes on.

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