Balancing My Belief System

Lastly, it is all about ‘balance’ before wrapping up part 4 and moving onto ‘My Concepts’ in the final part.

When it comes to finding a middle ground in my life today, I ask myself the following question…

Do I create a balance out of my corrupted programming? Out of my contaminated system that might easily accept and run influences that carry hidden costs because I’m still too blinded? Or do I stay with the non-balance and watch my programming at home before anything else?

The Answer

Balance is for the idealist. For anyone who can pull it off and work with both short and long term conscious stabilisation, can reprogram themselves and live happily, I say well done. However, primarily, it is not for me anymore. Finding pleasant stories to fix the unpleasant ones has now seconded in my world, that’s if there’s any room for them at all anymore.

The non-balance, on the other hand, this instead tells me everything I need to know in terms of my fluctuations that have thrown me off track. Rather than I create the opposite, I’ve opted to use my energy wisely, so I could clearly see my everyday cycling thru the array of sensation that crept up and radicalised my behaviour over the years.

When I started regularly measuring my senses on the larger scope, on all my actions and ongoing reactions, something unusual happened at a profound level. My desire to consciously stabilise the negatives dropped back as I was too intrigued with greater processes and seeing the symmetry between my internal and external worlds.

For the first time, I remember watching my relationship between me and you, and all the animals, plants and elements, in-depth and with great interest. Meaning, the usual stories that often played out to make me happier for a short while held less value and faded.

Instead, the story of the Mindless or the broader field with new strong meaning naturally took over.

Is the same happening to you?

I hope so.

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