Facts vs Beliefs – Memories & Refinements

It’s time to finalise this belief section as I’ve had enough of my silly stories for now!

What is the difference between an Illusion and the Actual, and why is it a big deal?

It’s time to step back into the complicated mental circuitry again and decomplify.

<Begin Complicated Mental Circuitry>

Facts are not refinements! Although, they can get mistaken that way by the average vulnerable host.

From the top

When I look at my memory and see what happened yesterday, I interpret a record from an experience that took place. Hence, this is my  original  or the  impression  that travelled thru the nerves leaving behind a ‘residue’, and now I’ll take a copy and start playing with it on a brand new canvas. It may appear similar, except, by habit, I slightly alter the content in a sneaky desire to filter and enhance things according to taste.

In other words, the fact is my original slide, and it contains the best answers. Not my covert-photoshopped conveniences as the unreal alterations that hit the spot. If anything, my impressions are key to unlocking the challenges in life, and not the distortions from my refinements phasing in as ‘originals’.

Now Here’s My Tendency

After I look at a fact so many times, it normalises and becomes borrring. I now need a reproduction to enhance it and give it back the taste I once remembered (and some more, please).

“She looks a million dollars on Facebook or Instagram but nothing like in real life” – by An overwhelming fact.

<End Complicated Mental Circuitry>

Patching up Against Others

In today’s world, I apply an automatic 70% normalisation filter when I see people’s profile pictures. Aka, The Offset. It’s quite reliable and brings me closer to the real them. I’m also less inclined to change my behaviour over a re-arrangement of pixels or a higher resolution designed to hit the spot.

It just an organism, either looked after or not — glitter or no glitter. Someone’s nature is something I don’t know until I meet the person one on one. Two, three, four or more on one, means people are likely to enhance themselves.

Besides, if I accept somebody else’s projection of their life as the closest representation to the originals they’ve stored, then I’d want to know them well. They might not even be aware that they’ve shaped their memory by habit. Truth is, he/she may have inflated or overvalued him or her self many years before I came along, living in Mars like I once had.

Though I do admit, nowadays I find myself moving away from these crazy relationships, especially after seeing how easy it is for constant speculation to drag me down.

Surely, we all have that one person who talks too much nonsense and does all the idling? Because no matter what you do, you can’t get away from them. You can’t get off the phone or change the subject in a timely manner. So you get drained, drift off and eventually fall asleep on the other end. 😴

Admittedly, I have a few left but way less than previously, thank God!


It is now simple to see what is real and what is not (reality vs perception/unreality) and  how I’m affected by each. 

An addiction into non-factuality or alterations gets reinforced by ignorance, which breeds double/triple/quadruple lives (psychological spam!). On top, these distortions (refinements acting as orginals) need continuous help in standing, so they’ll drain everyone and everything.

Whereas facts on the other hand, although they may appear boring or plain, are rock solid and will lay the foundation for me to build on when I’m down.

Once I’ve settled into a steady orbit, then sure, I’ll stretch out and play. Balance is key!

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