Life Extension Technology – Behind the Tastebuds

I know I promised something lighter a second ago… But first, we’ll need to explore something heavy that actually guaranteed the ‘something lighter’ in terms of my wellbeing. Get ready for another backward way of mine that made an enormous impact in my life. It’s a Level 2 thing, of course…

Unfortunately, as with many things, I couldn’t mention this to anyone earlier because it would only have stirred things up.

I decided to start taking all of my anger out on my taste buds as a way to fizzle things out in my mind. As a result of this strange ritual, I wound up reconditioning my taste buds, which gave me a nutritional boost in life. I stepped back into the unpalatable to spring forward in life! Pretty cool, right? Needless to say, not many people can pull this off long-term. Here’s what I’m talking about…

On a regular basis, I devour a Kale and Broccoli Bomber. Aka, The Reset. I add in only Apple Cider Vinegar and room temp water to the mix (so it’s blended but chunky). Although occasionally, I’m known to put a teaspoon of bentonite clay in, to help remove any toxins. Unfortunately, certain ‘delicacies’ take years to flush.

As part of my wellbeing and recovery, I find things that are good for me but taste like crap and I oddly mix them together forming the taste-challenged meal. Then, I quietly go to war inside my head ︻╦╤── … The aim is to give my perception of the troubles a break as my attention grips onto my tastebuds whilst I shovel in the good stuff. It’s basically two birds and one stone.

Kale & Broccoli Bomber
This is one for now & one for later.

In another instance, below, this is my Sauerkraut made with Red Cabbage, Carrots and Beetroot. Plus I use a small amount of High-Grade Australian Sea Salt (very special hand-harvested macrobiotic salt — retaining trace minerals: see Olsson’s). It is also not designed for taste (long ferment time), having no fruit, herbs or spices.

If I were to leave the lid off, I’d attract all the flies in my street.

Super Stinky Sauerkraut
Super-Stinky Sauerkraut.

Lastly, I eat (swallow) raw chopped garlic, turmeric and ginger, by the tablespoons (though this is more seasonal). I am also adding in whole peppercorns — no chewing, so less war. As I said, I have to get creative in order to be my own Doctor, Soldier & Therapist all rolled into one.

Garlic & Ginger
A snack for two. ✌️

The Result

I kill and destroy far less than ever in the real world today, which is a good thing. But I’ve also sharpened my claws for any surprises on the road ahead. If or when they are needed.

Life now responds in a softer tone.

Did you know, when you incorporate a nutritional powerhouse in a taste-challenged meal, you appreciate food more. Future treats become even tastier because the bar had been set low (let’s make that three birds!). I used to eat for taste all the time, but it made me dull. Unpalatable Nutrition + Spurts of Significant Enjoyment in my eating is now my way.

Not many people commit to such a long term campaign, which means I get the edge over them! 😎

I thank my Backwards God for sharing this discipline. 🙏

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