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We will now unfold the fabric of the last section…
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It would be silly to think that the physical world has a Universe, but the psychological realm would lack one. Continue on…

Psychological Universe – Internal Time & Space

Internal time & space

Prepare to explore our vast thinking continuum in deep space and achieve Warp Drive for a particular direction.

Our Innerverse

Growing up, most of us were taught the basics of our Solar System & Universe. But did you know that these ‘off the world’ or ‘distant’ processes, along with every other known thing that we have learnt in our lives, were all converted from within our mind or Innerverse.

Light from the Universe enters my Innerverse through any number of mediums (persons or things), so it only makes sense to explore this system as well.


Internal Time

My Dear Shadow Friend… It’s time we get into you & break you down! I’m now reporting on you, Time!

For something that doesn’t exist in reality, time can certainly put on a show…

The Different Time-Types

Let’s start from the top and work our way through the various time systems that affect my reality.

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