The Highly Sensitive Mind Challenges

Us highly sensitive people, we often live in a magical but unknown-to-many perceived land. Although when you place a camera on our actual life, the reality might look more like this.

Highly sensitive mind complex
I’m on TOP of the world!

My goal now is to secure the appropriate facility and put my body into stasis without any disruptions. Why? I operate much better in another realm where I have existential matters to attend to. But don’t worry… I’ll be back one way or another. I’ll return either in this timeline, or another, once the culture has moved inline with my ways from the small tweak I’ll apply on the backend of reality. Since I make little sense to anyone and I usually sit with an impatient version of myself once an exchange of pleasantries is over, extreme measures have to be taken (I’d rather deal with everyone at once). Only then shall l reconstitute my consciousness with the material world and return. (And so long as I get these damn settings right and don’t reappear in a worse off scene!)

In all seriousness, I develop compatibility issues with almost everyone around me once a small amount of time has elapsed. After a few steps, our filters more or less shake hands and wave goodbye 👋. Now, I’m going to pick on the older generation first, the boomers, since they are my lifelong peers and therefore I connect with them the most. Also, they are a special breed. They got to experience massive changes in their civilisation at a young age in terms of scientific and technological advancements. From the remnants of a hard-working picture, they excelled into a marvellous scene with far greater automation and comfort. However, from all the exposure and belief systems that came with it, I feel that other aspects of their life may have been neglected, thereby creating byproducts that spilled over into the younger generations today.

I figure… why not see if I can get through to those of the younger generations via the boomer generation since I’m going to be left here with them when my peers move on. You guys still have a great amount of pull in this world, so I’ll need you to be my universal translator one last time before you bail. Please… You can’t leave this mess behind! Besides, they’ll throw us all under the bus by the time we reach aged care… They won’t mean to be so mean and will try to paint the picture otherwise. They’ll simply have no choice on the matter because of dwindling resources.

Those younger minds are still fresh and impressionable. Together, we can reveal some simple truths, and tell it how it is while it’s not too late — not sugarcoat it or give them a limited but sensationalised version. Help me give it to them straight, the millennials and every one after, for a decent go at life for all of us.

Oh, and I’m not placing blame on those of the boomer generation, because I get it. Those were the post-war days, and everyone naturally wanted a total change of scenery with whatever they had. Besides, who wouldn’t want this for their families? However, with all that new technology now under one roof, completely unprecedented… it was only a matter of time before a new batch of big problems would hit later down the track. Who would have known that ‘letting the good times roll…’ would eventually get out of hand. I guess that’s why they called the first wave from this new powerhouse ‘the boomers’ because of the rippling effect they would have on the next few waves of generations to come.

Next… I explain the challenges of my reality by looking at my timeline through another focus point.

My Timeline

When I look back at my history, I see that the ‘sense of time’ was the number one card for determining my overall sensitivity. Meaning, it was all the ‘draining chatter’ carrying on between Yesterday and Tomorrow that amplified the poles powering my everyday perception. Or it was the up and down recollections and refinements of thought which led to a major obstacle affecting my drive, concentration and focus when trying to blend with the conventional world.

Time kept penetrating the containment field… Eg. Are we there yet!? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Most of this condition was the result of many  odd layers of static (messy signals)  shooting over from the far background that got added onto all the other  normal layers of information  going back and forth — creating an overload all up. For instance, I would perceive something odd in the periphery, which instantly becomes thought-provoking material that awakens my mind even more so than what it already was. Unclear information registers and my refinery goes into super-overdrive as I attempt to make sense of it while dealing with everything else. Therefore I replay these events and scenarios over and over until I work out what it’s all about (which I never do because the message gets lost the longer I tamper with it in my mind).

Please don’t interrupt my sitting here. Can’t you see I have my hands full… Hands, or mind… what’s the freakin’ difference?

By nature, I can’t help but always look deeper into things. I still get overwhelmed by life’s broader aspects. Not to mention, all the other conventional or everyday influences from the preceding hours, days and weeks from people’s activities. Growing up, a day could easily amount to a thousand questions and enquiries by this curious observer who watched a complex narrative build from the ground up, a narrative which soon became his home.

Therefore, with all this congestion at a young age, and the fact that I felt miles apart even from those within arm’s reach in the physical, I took refuge by  escaping my up-close reality.  So naturally, my problems grew into larger ones which came back to haunt me further down the track.

Raw Static & Looking Deep

What is Raw Static (other than a messy signal)?

Other than being your typical annoyance until it’s tuned-in to a clear picture, Raw Static remains a mystery. Perhaps think of speeding asteroids/meteors/comets in outer space that first came together as dust particles, forming into larger masses or creations that would eventually carry and nurture life. In this case, those seemingly insignificant dust particles take the form of Raw Static, tiny pieces of information that have no real meaning of their own. However, what starts out as Raw Static can coalesce into something meaningful — a story with mass, life and even purpose.

What Do I Generally Look for in Life?

My mind instinctively seeks out the composition or an understanding on a deeper level when it looks at some ‘thing’, ‘one’ or ‘aspect’.

Although, I always end up bypassing the materials that make up a thing and I head straight for the source that originated in a ‘Being’. Because behind every ‘thing’, which is a blending of the elements, was a ‘Being’ or group of them that gave it shape, meaning and purpose.

A ‘Being’ is none other than a ‘Spark’ housed within a bag of bones which displays stories of experience, growth and direction, and acts accordingly.

Next, if I sense strong feelings from scanning a thing/person/animal from the stage that he/she stands on, I begin forming the many ideas that show possibilities of a relationship either working for us or not. In terms of a person, I try to make deeper sense of why we’ve made contact by allowing psychological building blocks to form a bridge between the foreground or surface layer of somebody’s character, and the background of their existence which includes their total conditioning and nature. Somehow, I step lightly across this invisible bridge to someone’s make-up (or at least, I believe that I do), but only to a point of gaining a sense of overall trajectory.

What made them move left or right in their life? Also, why are they so happy about this and that? Why are they so sad about the other? Or why are they only showing little response to certain things, etc.? I take in all available data which soon paints a picture of the being that resides within.

As a result of their language and the emanating signals from a build-up of life, which occurs in all of us, I gain a sense of direction in a person by glimpsing into their past. Therefore, I can now adjust my heading accordingly.

My Nosing Around

Also, since many people run many lives and divide themselves up, I pick up on these fragments using both conventional and unconventional measures that one day I might just be able to explain further on. It’s a lengthy process of deeply observing every movement of my mind and watching my responses. Also, by watching my reactions to those responses, I discover patterns that I can reproduce into consistent results.

Here’s an example of something which has little to do with fragmentation, but it had fascinated me for years. Let’s call it a slightly off-topic example that I’d prefer to share. (Also, I’m yet to reproduce the connection at will).

Every now and then I get a thought of someone out of the blue or without any leadup whatsoever. Within seconds or minutes, I get a text message or phone call from them on any scope of importance. Otherwise, on some occasions, I buzz them instead and get an inviting response. “Hey, I was just thinking of you”, he or she would say when answering the phone. Pretty cool, right?

To be honest, it’s not as fascinating to me as it used to be. However, I would love to control or initiate this feature at will, and set notifications on certain people. I’ve been nosing around on this one for some time now because I had to know more. Can I put it into an application? Can it be used to help me in any way, shape or form?

Only time will tell on what might unravel out of it though. Or perhaps, only non-time will tell me more details instead… Who knows?

All up, life for me is compartmentalised as my mind is still fragmented because of all the division. Therefore I can’t help but also perceive multiple realities in not only myself, but in others as well from all my experience of this division (at least, I have put it all to good use, right? — Recycling at its best!). In fact nowadays, I often resist the nosing around into others as I don’t want to know beyond a certain point.

Btw, do you see how ‘far-out’ one of these sensitive minds can be? We started the page on one topic, briefly went to another angle or focus point, hit warp drive to a distant galaxy, and tunnelled our way through the quantum world.

Just saying… Welcome to my mind! (I’d say ‘world’ but I’ve barely moved an inch.)

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