The Highly Sensitive Mind Challenges

Us highly sensitive people, we often live in a magical but unknown-to-many perceived land. Although when you place a camera on our actual life, the reality might look more like this.

Highly sensitive mind complex
I’m on TOP of the world!

My goal now is to secure the appropriate facility and put my body into stasis without any disruptions. Why? I operate much better in another realm where I have matters to attend. But don’t worry… I’ll be back one way or another. I’ll return either in this timeline or another once the culture has moved inline with my ways.

Since I make little sense to anyone, I figure… why not wander off and breed a new lot of people thru a secret wormhole? Except this time, I’ll use less sugar on the boomers to give the millennials and everyone after a decent chance at life. Wouldn’t you do the same if you possibly could?

My Timeline

When I look back at my history, I see that the ‘sense of time’ was the number one card for determining my overall sensitivity. Meaning, it was all the draining chatter carrying on between Yesterday and Tomorrow that amplified the poles in everyday life. It was my up and down recollections and refinements which led to a major obstacle affecting my drive, concentration and focus when trying to blend with the conventional world.

Time kept penetrating the containment field: Eg. Are we there yet!? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Most of which was the response to the many  odd layers of static  shooting over from the far background. For instance, I would perceive something odd in the periphery which instantly becomes thought-provoking material that awakens my mind. Unclear information is then stored and my refinery goes into overdrive as I attempt to make greater sense of everything. Therefore I replay events and scenarios over and over until I hit the spot.

Please don’t interrupt my sitting here. Can’t you see I’m super busy upstairs!

By nature, I can’t help but always look deeper into things. I still get overwhelmed by life’s broader aspects. Not to mention, all the other up-close influences from the hours, days and weeks before from people’s activities. Growing up, a day could easily amount to at least a thousand questions and enquiries by a curious narrator who built up a complex narrative that became my home. Or complications followed because I couldn’t voice my thoughts properly.

Therefore, with all this congestion at a young age, and the fact I was miles apart from anyone who were only a bare metre away in the physical, I found refuge in  escaping my up-close reality.  So naturally my problems went onto larger ones to hit further down the track. 🚀

Raw Static & Looking Deep

What is Raw Static?

Other than your typical annoyance until it’s tuned-in to a clear picture, Raw Static remains somewhat of a mystery. Perhaps think of speeding asteroids/meteors/comets in outer space that first came together by dust particles and formed into larger masses or creations carrying life. But obviously, I’m talking about on a much faster timescale. These are nature’s special forces way beyond my comprehension.

What Do I Generally Look for in Life?

My mind instinctively seeks out the composition or an understanding on a deeper level when it looks at some ‘thing’ or ‘one’.

Although, I always end up bypassing the materials that make up a thing and I head straight for the source that originated in a ‘Being’. Because behind every ‘thing’, which is a blending of the elements, was a ‘Being’ or group of them that gave it shape, meaning and usage.

A ‘Being’ is none other than a ‘Spark’ with a book of stories

Next, if I sense strong feelings from scanning a thing/person/animal from the stage that it or he/she stands, I begin reacting in many ideas that show possibilities of a relationship either working or not. In terms of a person, I try to make deeper sense of why we’ve made contact by allowing psychological building blocks to form a bridge between the foreground or surface layer of somebody’s character, and the background of their existence. Somehow, I would step lightly across an invisible bridge to someone’s make-up, but only to a point of gaining a sense of overall trajectory.

What made them move left or right in life? Also, why are they up? Why are they down? Etc…

As a result of their language and the emanating signals from a build-up of life which is in all of us, I gain a sense of direction in a person by glimpsing into their past. Therefore, I can now adjust my heading accordingly.

And please excuse me if I come across vaguely. This is all very new. As I learn more, I’ll add more.

My Nosing Around

Also, since many people run many lives and divide themselves up, I pick up on these fragments using both conventional and unconventional measures that one day I might just be able to explain further on. Again, I can’t elaborate at the moment because I haven’t completely worked things out.

Life for me is compartmentalised as both my mind and physical existence are still fragmented. Therefore I can’t help but also perceive multiple realities in not only myself, but in others as well. In fact nowadays, I often resist the nosing around as I don’t want to know beyond a certain point.

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