Injecting an Untamed Receiver With a Multidimensional Dose

Sometimes life requires more than what your family, friends, peers and community can offer. If problems aren’t managed by a culture who won’t recognise an aspect or continues taking a superficial approach, then it’s time for deeper influences to make their mark. Throw away your standard manual mum and dad, because you guys got served a variant. Also, good luck with that… you’ll both certainly need it!

So rather than being completely cultured by my environment up close, slowly and strategically hidden influences flew in from the outskirts. Somehow the raw static increasingly translated which caused me to act in certain ways while very few were aware of what was truly going on. My shape today undeniably came from beyond the monoculture as I was able to draw in intricate qualities from both ‘close-range’ and ‘distant’ influences.

In a sense, I harnessed a mix of embodied and disembodied compounds that most people mainly take from the one source — embodied. Hence, the multidimensional-cultured effects, which can be perceived as a grey area and ultimately a threat sparking hostilities from within the community.

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