Special Education & My Assignment

Yet it was only after a severe crisis that I would find the key to my change, which is unfortunate in the one sense. While on the other, I got a kick-ass lesson you definitely WON’T find inside a conventional classroom. Or I landed in a bigger class with different rules, which also meant that passing wasn’t an option. Instead, there was only the ONE WAY out of my delinquent school.

Either I was to succeed and grow, or say goodbye and get buried DEEP within a psych ward behind meds and phony paperwork. Otherwise, there was no in-between.

Though, I often wish it had laid in everyday books where one can theoretically measure human problems based on previously-felt limited/sheltered sensations and come to a reliable fix from someone else’s experience. But again, that wasn’t part of my plan. I dug into the dirt from day one as subjectivity was my only subject!

Special Education Assignment
  1. Experience life.
  2. Compound a problem and operate outside a controlled environment.
  3. Deeply scan the periphery to get back on track.
  4. Only just recover from everything.
  5. Open and strengthen new pathways.
  6. Report my findings…


It was a little late. But better late than never.

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