The Backward Revelation

As I looked into society’s ‘forward programming’, something amazing happened and life changed.

Ever since I became aware of my unfitting programming or conditioning, which includes the higher idling sneaking up from over-using my memory, and regardless to whatever justifications each demand or impulse carried on about, i.e., pushing me along the so-called forward track, things changed. But it wasn’t before one last attempt to skyrocket the conventional way by throwing the entire jerry can of fuel on my fire to be done. This bizarre hindsight is the only tool that helped me unwind as I’m now aware of myself and my direction closer than ever.

You see from here… I genuinely wanted quality and not quantity to prevail, so I knew I had to drop everything previously taught in terms of diving-in and moving forward. If there was any REAL chance of long term benefits, I’d have to put the majority of my recollections aside as part of an unheard-of psychological diet.

Today, my mind has in a sense gone into hibernation compared to yesterday, thereby saving significant energy. My understanding technique relied on all throughout life is now laid to rest. Hallelujah.

Furthermore, the once toxic love in overboard learning I was so ingrained in has gracefully moved most its cloud from in-front of my seeing energy, and I’m not as blinded from unravelling the next piece in both the physical and psychological worlds.

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