The Conclusion to ‘My Understanding’

Lastly, as for what I’ve learnt so far, I still have a way to go in terms of unravelling the multidimensional aspect of my mind, even though I’m not pulling or pushing as hard as I once had.

Let me show you where I’m at with this.

The first aspect or dimension features ‘less is more’ in a Spacious Understanding. Theoretically, it’s inside a mysterious/invisible field — the mind.

Second, and this time it’s scientifically proven, is the Record-Keeping Software I’d attach to in the Material Brain Gunk side of the world. Or in the physical field, where knowledge is stored and processed upstairs — the brain.

Together, this is my mind-brain combo.

I know it is all supposed to be the one unit, but seeing this distinction has helped improve my life. And although the origin of my understanding or insight continues as a relatively unknown or at most, a greyish-area, there is now one thing that’s for sure:

I cannot rely on my thoughts as the key to unlocking life’s potential.

As a Highly Sensitive Person in a general minded world (a highly stimulating and conforming ‘one-way forward’ moving environment), I’m impulsed to increase pressure and reduce the value of what is in front by overusing my memory, especially with words like ‘better’ and ‘greater’. If anything, my thinking needs to slow right down before any qualities unlock!

Guess what? It’s time to change the channel (says another force pulling my attention elsewhere). In the next section, I uncover the forces that guide my attention.

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