Introduction ‘Unconventional’ Setup
Disc 6:
Moving Another Way

Having felt that something wasn’t right for far too long, I moved to the new Level 2 Backwards Way, aka the stronger way. ✌️

It’s Not a Conventional Idea!

Mindless has immense meaning because I know how a dominating mind feels, that about sums it up! Forget textbooks and reputation, etc., I’m talking about our experiences that shake and rattle the system.

‘Mind’ to me feels unnatural, strenuous and not the place to be. The ‘less’ or ‘lessing’ part indicates reduced pressure in a total lifestyle shift through smaller natural changes, rather than a larger effort that deals in short term remedies only. Or, rather than in my continuous habit to fix EVERY issue by stabilising at the surface (consciously). What a DRAG that is to keep up with! Don’t you agree?

And the very reason why I have gone on to call it  unconventional,  is that in this Mindless idea being examined and explained, it ends in not sticking onto a negative or positive charge.

No Story ever gets taken seriously around here or is significantly charged in either way! ↕ Otherwise, I’m bound to the law of the opposites in my mind which pull against each other in a never ending tug-of-war…

Instead, I now know what a mind is from experience (that godforsaken pressure!), and I observe my urge to extend into these lifelong habits or  more complex thinking  from all the ideas that follow when such a mind starts drumming (aka the sticky stuff).

On a deeper level, I GET IT and it’s dropped… The idea is immediately released since nothing gets taken seriously. Let’s leave the seriousness to the general minded folks instead!


If I don’t see the ‘default mind’ this way, then Mindlessing has little meaning, and this website might be useless (tho I hope not).

In fact, this could stir you up and you may want more mind instead!

Are you after more, more and more of this damn thing called mind with sensationalism on both ends? Perhaps a small part of you is always after such a hit to help you get through any perceived monotony…

Yet on the other hand, if I feel a stern kick more often than a soft kiss when the word ‘mind’ arises, an internal seeing process begins to look into all of my reactivity upon reaching a certain mental psi. Believe me… It won’t activate the other way around! Consequently, this insight gives me a real chance to learn about myself.

Because when I’m learning and not bogged down in short term fixing, which takes greater energy and is a distraction, I’m lessening my overall pressure for the long run.

Mindless Introduction Installation Disc 7

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