Introduction ‘Commentators’ Setup
Disc 9:
My Panel of Commentators

Have you noticed any rush of judgements or opinions bombard your mind as we’ve made our way thru the install?

Either thinking to yourself… “What the heck is he carrying on about?” “Why is this stuff so important?” Or, “He’s got way too much spare time on his hands.” “And besides, how will this impact or help my life?”, etc.

Well, I suppose if any of these responses did pop up, then I’m sure at least a few won’t be here to read this now.

But whatever the answer, and if you are still reading, then I welcome you to the World of My Reactive Panel. Something taken for granted at first as my ingrained past, aka the remnants of people who have influenced me over the years, live on inside me and fight for control on which way I move!

My Reactions & Judgements From the Inner Panel

Panel commenting

To be honest, I still carry a lot of my old conditioning and probably always will. However, I am no longer extreme in my ways, thank God for that. Nevertheless, I’m weathered from a lifetime of these diverse influences which helped create all the up and down experiences that followed.

Installed in me are my family, friends, teachers, neighbours, idols, peers, community leaders, acquaintances, colleagues and whoever else I have missed. Everyone’s rubbed off on me… which means I’m a product of my environment. Plus, I would typically feed into the byproducts that I’d receive from the array, such as ‘blatant ignorance’ (yes! Ignorance, at any level, is a serving we ALL get a good dose of) and convince myself otherwise that I am indeed a free thinker. But in fact, I’m caged by these influences instead.

Whenever I encounter an experience, a panel of cross-cultured commentators awakens within my psyche, dominating my thought process just like the news and sports network which constantly gives both advice and opinion.

Sometime’s the intel I receive is great. Whereas other times, it’s terrible…

Not only that, but underneath this background is another layer with its own set of rules that I find myself up against. Inherently, there is a built-in Complex Gene Network designed to move me a certain way beyond my fullest understanding. So it’s only natural that I question reality with:

How on earth can I possibly be a ‘free thinker’ when things are coded-in while other influences have stuck-to along the way?

And the answer:

Sure, I have choices to put my thoughts in. But it’s always within a scope or a magnetic direction thanks to my makers and environment.

However, since I don’t know any more about genetics (or really anything at all), I should stay with what I do know within my handed-down-panel making all the noise upstairs. Guiding and providing me with quality information to deal with the processes in life that stand before me now, and ahead, my panel of commentators keeps me safe by helping out with choices. Or, at least that’s their job title!

Mindless Introduction Installation Disc 10

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