Introduction Setup Disc 1: A New Meaning When Untangling From the Old

Let’s start by releasing one meaning (stupid) and allowing another in.

Introducing & Understanding Our Newer Mindless Meaning


Now because of the words trickier nature to understand at the deeper level with its less is more aspect I’d complicate myself in by demanding MORE lessness (yeah I was actually stuck on more by obsessively hunting less 🙄), I finally slowed it down enough so that I softly introduced this tacit idea over a long period, via the subconscious, whether those around knew it or not.

Or else, if I hadn’t, then I wouldn’t have ANYTHING WORTHY to offer anyone.

How do I mean, ‘I’m STUCK’, on more lessness?

Life tells a hundred reasons why less is more is good; we’ve all heard them. However, if I go ALL IN and exert greater pressures hunting for less (which was my habit all the time), by compulsively chasing down ideas and ideals that describe many variations of ‘less’ attributes, then it means I’m being my usual more-ish self again. Instead, I’m not getting the CLEARER PICTURE and lessing at the deeper level, as I ought to.


Because I enjoy the taste of all these ‘ideas of less’ and I stay with the same old pattern.

My Same Old Pattern

In a fast-moving, heavily consuming, automated world (at least in my neck of the woods), being visibly less by portraying/expressing minimalistic caring ways to the outside, gave me a sense of purpose and distinction, something I always lacked. 😇🎓

And, as with anything that regularly produced positivity (thru a narrative), I crowned it and carefully placed it on the podium. Soon, this total package became my new holy home! 👑

But then, as I became more and more aware of this funny business of ‘Less Being Juicy’ that I loved soaking in, by watching my inner demands grab and chew up any ‘words’ and ‘images’/’symbols’ that were filled with an appealing quality,  let’s call it the appeal quality, for short , which could be found in many aspects (including these areas where I stockpiled thoughts/ideas pertaining a desirable description of ‘less’ in contrast to my environment), my life changed.

Whereas previously, I’d portray ‘less’ at certain times only, or when the camera faced my way!

On a strict schedule, I lived as a Less/Minimalist Part-Timer because I simply couldn’t help himself as my more-ish mind took over and demanded more. 😳

My behaviour divided throughout the day because my ‘up’ and ‘down’ life craved for MOREmore ideas and ideals. Even if they were dressed in ‘less’!

Too Deep, Too Fast?

Ok, let’s drop it back a notch. Travelling outside conventional thinking for the first time needs to go slow. Or else I’ll create resistance and will keep living the monologue!

So by gently unfolding what I consider Mindless Related Activity (explained further on), I’d serve out only one small spoonful at a time to those around me using the most subtle translations in all languages. Because I found that by dishing up a too bigger scoop or by giving too many mindless serves at once, I’d risk resistance and alienation and my efforts get viewed as weirdly backwards.

Or I’d veer far, far away from the good new Level 2 type I was trying my best to convey.

Deep down, I knew that if I wasn’t discreet in my tactics over the long term with something I felt so strongly about or alive in, then I wouldn’t achieve any common ground by FORCING MY WAY OF THINKING down other people’s throat. Especially since it is all so odd! I’ve seen this style in action many times, and I naturally ignore whoever they are and whatever they serve.

So it’s baby steps from the get-go, or I may as well say goodbye now.

Mindless Introduction Installation Disc 2

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