Intro ‘Betterment’ Disc 12: Is Being Better an Addition or Subtraction?

I wasn’t the best at maths growing up. However, I’ve had to learn and take another approach at life for the sake of my sanity.

Is ‘becoming better’ more or less? Did I seriously need to refine my thoughts and behaviour, which, equates to, ‘more’ mental activity? Or, were my cogs far too complicated and needed slowing? Did they require a stronger quality of ‘less’ for once? Which means, not by the usual ‘more-ing the less into me’ tactic?

Also, was I basing my idea of ‘Better’ off a dynamic collective image or a fast-changing environment I was to conform to for approval?

Was I trying (continuing) to meet an expectation from a culture or subculture by continually refining myself, bending and turning with the tide around me? Or a perceived tide that wasn’t accurate?

And, once I had conformed, which is automatic when psychologically investing in anything (in this case, becoming ‘better’), how do I handle or dispose of the unworthy byproducts that were bound to spill?

I found that when I restrict certain behaviours from flowing because I’m near someone or a group of people who only know me one way, then this means that I am divided. And believe me, I’m still divided into an alternate reality today!

Though, I’m less divided, thanks to the new backward equation!

Now Here’s the Thing

1) I’m conditioned to move a certain way due to both my good and bad traits picked up (the acquired). And 2) My nature also drives in its own way (the built-in). Then lastly, 3) I try to keep it all together and tamed in close trajectory. However, there is now a sluggish byproduct because of all the energy spent from not travelling in a straight line.

Point A to B
I’m the red line who’s becoming better.

My Combined Nature & Conditioning Is the Driving Fact About Me

The driving fact is the REAL / COMPLETE me. Whereas ‘becoming better’ is counterfeit.

Becoming better is an opposite in an ideal (otherwise I wouldn’t need it) and it will always require greater effort to keep picture-perfect. Unfortunately, after a short while, I can’t help but relax back into my imperfect non-better skin and let the hair down, as does everyone. Which I only allow a few to see.

So, was I, like many others, to keep exporting my not-so-better ¾ part to myself, only? Was I to continue this 25% effortly-charged better part/charade for the camera while another 75% stayed unbetter, quietly? Or should I simply add more seats on my panel to try and even up the score? Even though it always complicates?

These are the confronting questions I ask myself as I stay close to the facts about me.

Perhaps something is built in at the roots, DNA, or nature, far beyond my comprehension that helps everything eventually fall into place. But today I see it’s only when I get out of the way or off the panel that something opens up my greatest strength.

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