Intro ‘Meaning’ Disc 4: My Identification Complex

{Identification Complex}

When things get a little complex or specific, {curly brackets} are used above and below a series of paragraphs to contain these thoughts.

I.e. {Label} – In this case, I’m describing complicated things to do with my identification, or my tendency to identify.

Content – The information I carefully transmit.

{/Label} – My closing tag.

This structure allows for a smoother installation/update in your head.

Q. Is ‘being mindless’ about reducing my internal pressure to an optimal level?

A. Yes and no. It’s complicated. I’ll explain:

(First is the no part.)

First, I don’t want to be an idea and conform to its content, which is what I do when I house myself into an idea.

Get ready…

By becoming ‘something’, in this case, ‘Mindless’, I’m attaching my energy to the content inside that idea, opening up the gates for a likely bombardment from additional thoughts that can easily inflate/worship my new home-kingdom AND object/destroy it, on the other end.

As I found that when one side played out (which I usually don’t mind, the king of the mountain), the other wasn’t too far away (which I did! Bottom of the barrel). And what I don’t like most is when people break my sacred religion, or when I’m CRUMBLING DOWN in broken ego!

So, the short answer is no.

I don’t want to be anything (or be as little as possible) because I burn energy into a mix of unnecessary positive and negative fluctuations that affect my behaviour (with the negative severely overriding otherwise there isn’t a problem!). Sure I’d love all the positive, but not at the cost of crippling resistance now that I’m aware of what’s going on.

Untangling From the Idea

So, no to me being ‘mindless’ (or anything), then identifying, attaching and conforming, while worshipping and defending mental images in a competitive unreal world. A world where we fight over who has the best narrative.

Because, by glorifying, I leave myself open. It means I’m now susceptible to both positive and negative projectiles from either what I or SOMEONE ELSE shoots back in the consequential thinking — also known as, ‘the overflow’. Which is a process that does me no good and gets in the way.

You see when I’m heavily invested in the imagination, and someone attacks my mindless ‘home’ ‘symbol’ or ‘bible’ or finds a crack in it, or shows me something stronger in their idea makings (and they will!), I’ll spend considerable energy in plugging-up my percieved flaws.

I’ll continuously fix it, protect it, hold it up and cherish it, so I don’t get hurt anymore. Because when the idea gets hurt – I’M HURT – that’s what identification is capable of, in becoming an energy sucker!

All my life I got told my power was in identifying. But it’s so far from the truth in another backward revelation!

Depressed man

{/Identification Complex}  <- This is the closing tag 

One Last Go-Over on My Identification

Again, I’m no longer interested in continuing the old-ways where the mechanical nature of my mind incessantly overinflates ‘words’ and ‘symbols’/’images’ that are claimed as an extension of me, and all for the usual reward of psychological stimuli (mind candy) that will soon flip to fear. Because in this habit, the quality of such reward which is supposed to move me forward, inflames my ego in a stale high, which then gets broken/shattered.

Exactly, how does this occur?

I’m weakened over the long run since taking INVISIBLE MAKINGS from myself and others, too seriously. I give away too much of my power for no good reason. But mistakenly, I see a good reason 😕! My energy gets clogged up in a cycle, and I eventually worship PLUS defend the words/symbols to death, destroying any real value.

However, Now Comes the Yes Part!

Yes, I want to understand the deeper meaning behind Mindless or Mindlessing.

I want to see past the mechanical nature that organises any word or symbol ‘idea’ based on rewards and punishments?

So yes, let me understand my internal pressures as the invisible forces that control my system, but without gripping onto the word, which hinders me.

Therefore, the simple message is, don’t take ‘being mindless’ seriously. Otherwise, I’ll put unnecessary pressures on my mechanics while becoming attached. Because if it’s not one idea, it’ll be another and another and another.

Perhaps living mindlessly or I’m mindlessing. Or just, lessing-along-in-life is the better way to put it. Something not as serious.Living battery

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