Intro ‘Meaning’ Disc 5: Breakdown & Summary

My Mind, by default or in general implies pressure above normal or optimal levels. It all starts from an escaping habit that serves back negativity/resistance in an endless loop. Or from suppressed outstanding challenges, conflict and confusion, that cycles back to the surface of my mind. Again and again.

Whereas Mind in relation to things like lovely, beautiful, colourful, is seconded in my world — tho definitely not discarded. All that tranquillity is more pronounced in a book or in someone else’s head which only temporarily transfers into mine on occasions. It’s far from anything permanent or stable.

Now to summarise the 3 main points covering the ‘Meaning’ Intro

Mindless-Ware Meaning Installation Highlights

1) Less is more is tricky. Initially, my inner-demands love the taste (as per usual with a certain range of Ideas — tasty-holy), which increases processing and invites the distaste (unholy). Also, I might be convinced I am being less, when in fact, I’m really being more on the side as a Less Part-Timer.

2) After knowing what a default mind feels like and not wanting it, I created the opposite in a Baby Ideal which is how Mindlessing arrived. Except shortly after the spark, I didn’t want to keep adding to my problems by continuing my more-ish habits. So to deal with this, I’d watch myself process my psychological activity — ideas and ideals. I would feel them cycle between inflation and deflation for a better understanding that ultimately strengthened and matured my psyche.

Lastly, 3) My overall attachment and fierce identification into words, symbols and images aren’t healthy. Why invite problems into my world when I don’t have to? Why emotionally entangle myself in ideas when I can release them and have more energy for use in the real word? Why be anything at all? Especially when carrying a Highly Sensitive Mind.

And that’s it!

Well, almost.

There’s still another few introduction installation parts to go, and then that’s it (for the intro section).

  • Meaning ✔
  • Unconventional
  • Commentators
  • Betterment

I hope you are excited because you are already on your Mindless way 😉

Mindless Introduction Installation Disc 6

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