Disc 8: A Lightweight Install

Mindlessening contains  no conscious act-to-fix,  but it instead allows a deeper function to work over the long run when an active/default mind gets detected.

For example

I see an issue in my pressurised thinking and allow a release. When usually, I wouldn’t and would stay attached in the same old pattern of conscious stabilisation. Or I now put less emphasis on the juggling of my thoughts to correct or balance a story.

A ‘release’ of this nature is action from another level or dimension. Although I can’t explain anymore of its makeup, other than it being a type of ‘psychological defusing’, it has been my best help so far.

Otherwise, if I feel no heavier pressures, then the word mindless simply doesn’t exist or holds any power over me. It won’t stick to me and weigh down. Nor will it require ongoing security and reinforcement like traditional beliefs that fluctuate my ego.

Instead, a lightweight idea makes everything much more fun to play with when passing around in the community. 🙃

Also, I may go lengths into each of my problem-stories, by travelling down the dense systems and subsystems of thought that creates pressure: i.e., by translating and expressing each drama in every possible angle, looking for a specific outcome that satisfies/compensates the situation (unless I’m lucky enough to resolve it). But once I do and start consciously fixing myself, I enter the traditional/mindful world. Though hopefully, at a reduced and optimised rate.

Today, whenever the word Mindless pops up in my world, perhaps as I’m telling someone about it in a silly way, it carries little weight. The idea gets summarised and isn’t taken seriously.

Once an insight opens and the newer package installs, I’ll never abuse my mindlessing code in a religious cult-like fashion since I finally get the bigger picture.

In fact, this is your Next Level Humanoid Firmware Update as a stable download. Please, help yourself… It’s open-source!

Humanware Download

‘Unconventional’ Quick Tutorial

Mindless-Ware 'Unconventional' Installation Highlights

Mind = A series of condensed ideas firing off, causing above-average pressure on my nervous system.

Mindless/lessing = Seeing my internal pressures and processes mount. Implying, a long term optimisation at the deeper level with small natural changes organising my ideas.

Please also be aware of thought ordering other thoughts around in disguise of letting go!

Want to make a huge change in life?

Deeply feel the difference between letting-go and suppression/redirection.

Here’s an equation that might also help with the overall meaning

Mindless < (is less than) The Typical Mind = Space or Room. It’s my breathing area.

Mindless is basically an invisible word, a breath between my thoughts.

A Fresh Breath

So again, once ‘mindless’ has installed, an insight strengthens my ability to detect and let go of heavier thinking in the long term as I watch all my urges, actions and reactions. Mindlessing is also considered unconventional because it makes way for a natural pruning ability. And, any conscious acts that follow simply do so from the conventional/traditional realm. But now, at a much healthier rate.

Next, once I have patched up and have successfully rerouted a percentage of my energy off the charge of positivity that I would normally use to stabilise, I give greater power to the seeing  where the REAL WORK is done, long term! 

Undoubtedly, I still dabble in the positives because I come from an extreme heavied condition, and also, that I’m human. However, I process far less than ever and gratefully live the improvement today.

So How Did You Go Reading This?

Were you able to take a small perspective-turn off such a laughable, stupid word? Also, can you see how going backwards can actually help some of us move forward? If so, please carry on to the next intro section that covers my reactions from the panel of commentators.

The panel of who?

Oh yeah, I’ve picked up a few friends and foes along the way. You’ll probably have the same upstairs as well. These guys are a diverse range of up and down personalities guiding me thru life.

  • Meaning ✔
  • Unconventional ✔
  • Commentators
  • Betterment

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