/aktʃʊˈalɪti/: Actuality tells of a series of acts taking place in my reality. Action -> reaction -> then another reaction as an action from that reaction -> and so on, as all these chemical actions and reactions follow suit, like dominoes. However, quite often, my mind has a habit of telling me about one thing occurring, when, in fact, it’s not.

Here’s a common example…

I’m continually under stress because of a friend or a partner or someone else who keeps placing pressure on me. But the actuality is, I’m responsible for not ending that relationship or for not taking steps to either resolve it or close it down asap. I live in an illusion and can’t/won’t see the initial act of putting myself there in the first place, and I go on to blame the outer world as I’m too scared or weak to break the cycle.

Therefore, actuality is the process or activity underway regardless of what my thoughts try to convince me of otherwise.

Another example:

I say, ‘I love animals’, while also eating them on the high-end of the scale.

But actuality means… the act speaks louder than the idea.

If I am a big meat eater in the developed world, then the closest idea to the fact or reality is

I love some animals with all my heart, while others, with all my taste buds.

And my choice is usually because of my tradition, attachment or desire, rather than for survival or living thru hard-times.

Also, please don’t take offence you big bad meat-eater… actuality messes with everyone’s head at first. That’s why she’s such a BIG mover if one stays close to her. In a plan I didn’t see coming, she helped me ease my foot off the throttle, which also cleaned out my system as an added bonus.

By seeing through the thick of my psychological fog, I perceive a clear fact taking place.

It’s the fact… the F#@%ing ACT!

Fact not fake

Welcome to Life’s MRI.