/ɪkˈspanʃ(ə)n,ɛkˈspanʃ(ə)n/: The process of taking internal reality and spreading it outward to the external world. Expanding personal influence on one’s environment.

There is an inner world which constitutes our internal existence (personal centre/space), an invisible border, and an outer world full of stronger colours, objects, things, elements, beings and sparks that are far more tangible or defined than the ones in our thoughts. Let’s call the outer world The Big Screen in 360° Cosmic Definition that is full of the stronger type of pixels (realised pixels).

Obviously, it’s only human nature to want to branch out in this environment, especially when I feel I have so much to offer. This is the true nature of expansion.

When I’m an expansionist, I spread my internal ways in order to extend my invisible border through to the outer world. I do whatever I can to expand the centre of my imagination, even if this means imposing these ideas onto you in one way or another. Thru a volcanic eruption or the deeper tide, I will eventually get to a larger and stronger space of existence, thereby realising my imagination once and for all.