Exotic Belief Disorder

/ɪɡˈzɒtɪk bɪˈliːf/: The condition where most of my beliefs and ideas lack grounding in actual fact. Losing myself to a perception of reality that is disconnected from the real world.

Within Cosmology, there is an idea suggesting the potential for exotic matter to exist. In short, EM is hypothesised as a shadow substance with properties that defy logic and law. Also, it’s linked to wormholes where, as we know, Time & Space break down. Therefore, it is Science’s way of semi-rationalising strange things, illusions, phenomena and anything else that would have been termed ‘magic’ in the not-so-distant past. Let’s call the space where these unconventional events take place the exotic world.

When I regularly draw satisfaction out of an unreachable idea by envisioning something clearly outside the laws of physics, I live in an exotic world. I’m caught up in wanting to create a unique, and sometimes very far-out picture that is in deep contrast to reality. Except, the only problem is I lack the necessary tools or the bridging dimension to get my belief ‘realised’ in some fashion. In fact, I don’t know that such a gateway or tools even exist. Scientists say that weird things have happened and are still happening, but only at specific locations very far away.

‘Disorder’ within my exotic belief takes over when I live dramatically this way, in another Universe, and my life suffers because of it.