Mindful – Extended Definition

Equipped with my very own Personal In-house Pressure Management System or Mental Health Clinic, I consciously stabilise my undesirable state of mind using subtle thought movements of an opposite charge, along with the aid of an innocent outside touch.

My mission is simple: to remedy/counter stress and anxiety at the surface by reversing the sensations in a ritual. Either by a programmed or a conscious demand, I add positive input to the surface of my mind.

How does the Doc inside me work?

He measures the negative effects of time and prescribes the positive effects of time.

Inner Doctor

I feel the symptoms of negative time, which is an amplified perception of time caused by resistance (stress and anxiety making time slow down), and I respond with positive time, which makes the perception of time really not matter at all (peace and relaxation). Compensating with the opposite energy immediately takes my mind away from the negative effects of time. By prescribing myself the usual dose of positivity, this action shifts my state of mind.

Also, while I’m at it, I write a referral for physical stimuli, which may include touch, taste, music and aromas to help alleviate my negative condition. From a combination of these appealing influences, I quick fix myself from the haunts of time to deal with my life today.

Perhaps think of the common cold. We know the Doc can’t cure it with the pad. But he or she can keep us comfortable in the meantime.

Prescribing happiness