Communication is key! Let’s uncover our Inner-Network and make contact for the first time by seeing a simple truth.

Hi, I’m Lee. In reality… I’m a spark ⚡. I’m a continuation of the big bang housed within a bag of bones which scrolls through a list of thoughts all day long while moving his limbs accordingly (and all while playing with other sparks, of course).

Welcome To My Mindless Network!

(Otherwise known as a somewhat virtual version of myself.)

What you are seeing now is a bunch of 1’s & 0’s that came from a Sydney Data Centre which also gets driven by a spark but of another type. When they pack together in a specific order, the black makes up the ‘1’ and the white space makes the ‘0’ which allows your brain to decode mindless messages via the emitting photons on your screen. 🌟

And now that the formalities of my reality are out of the way…

In unreality (where many of us sparks live), I’ll be that little man inside your head who guides you towards a transformative world of ‘Lessing’. As we journey along together, I’ll open up these ideas giving you much more detail.

Coloured Hand Prints


This entire website is based on a very simple, yet profound concept of ‘less’. But to understand ‘less’ in a Mindless 2.0 context, one would usually have to be driven by a major force such as an overly more-ish mind and want to be free of it. Or at the very least, you would have to feel the more-ish mind causing problems, thus creating the desire to explore its mechanical nature beyond a conventional way.


Prior to development, things went from an odd existence to an insane one before arriving at the better half sanity. I call it my ‘compost’ that got the mindless tree growing. Read-into-me…

Install the Setup Files – 4 Parts | 12 Discs 💾

Now that you are primed, let’s dig further and unravel both a deeper system and meaning into the Mindless World by installing the Introduction Files.

  1. A New Meaning
  2. Starting Installation
  3. Mindless Simplified & Seeing the Positive for What It Is
  4. My Identification Complex
  5. Breakdown & Summary
  6. Moving Another Way
  7. A Stronger System
  8. A Lightweight Install
  9. My Panel of Commentators
  10. A Help or Hindrance?
  11. Moving Away From the Panel
  12. Is Being Better an Addition or Subtraction?

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