As mentioned at the beginning of the Setup section, new software can only be installed after an initialisation procedure is completed. Meaning, the bigger the download, the more extensive the initialisation is. Everything from checking compatibility, to clearing space, to eliminating old or faulty files are part and parcel of this process, ensuring that the destination mind is fully capable of receiving the new software. The previous sections, although comprehensive in their own right, have all been the initialisation procedure, preparing your mind for what follows.

Now that you have constructed a solid Mindless foundation in your mind, you are ready for the Main download — one that has taken a lifetime to develop. This section spells out the full Mindware program, giving you an in-depth perspective into this Mindless way of life that will completely change your thinking forever. If you are ready to accept the software, and thus redefine your world, then read on and let the full install begin. Otherwise, check out the Main components below for a breakdown of this overall section:

Main Components

My Thoughts

My Thinking Structure

To better understand my psychology we must first explore my thinking structure and discover existing patterns and habits. Next, we’ll examine how my thoughts are responsible for the different states of mind I enter. Finally, we’ll unravel a deeper understanding of ‘understanding things in general’ to make everything flow better.

Mastering My Attention

Most people are very aware of their physical whereabouts at any given time of day. However, very few know where they are mentally. Our mental location, also known as ‘attention’, is what defines who we are. Only by mastering our attention can we begin to take charge of our mind, and thus our lives, in any real and meaningful way. The following pages offer all the insights and tools needed to master your attention in the Mindless way, thus enabling you to regain control of your world.

Top-Level Sensations

Although seemingly separate, the truth of the matter is that a person’s physical senses play a hugely significant role in their overall state of mind. Only by understanding the impact of sensations on desire, willpower and focus can anyone truly gain control of their inner world. These pages reveal the true nature of sensations, as well as the ways to free your mind from the prison of the pain/pleasure dichotomy.

Personal Challenges

Odd mind out

A general minded person will usually fit into society without a problem. But a highly sensitive minded person, on the other hand, may find it challenging. We get caught up in the realm of imagination for most of our life, often dividing life into several realities. Which type of mind do you hold?

My Internal Universe

The axiom ‘as above, so below’ goes a long way to explaining many of the patterns in life. However, you could also say ‘as it is outside, so it is inside’. The simple truth is that everyone has an entire inner universe whose will extends onto the external universe we all live in. And this inner universe has its own laws of physics, space and time, all of which govern our inner realities. This section examines just how different internal time and space can be, and how those differences impact our day-to-day lives.