The World of Thought as an Invisible Force

Now because ‘thought’ plays a huge role in my life, is a regular place I’m troubled from, and my attempt to fix things using my non-troubled side would always fail or be too short-lived, it was only logical that I delve deeper into its nature. Otherwise, I could stay and continue the shenanigans on the … Read more

Simple vs Complex Projecting

Welcome to the backstage of my mind run by my Psychological Operating System. Here I edit and make enhancements to my inner world. To begin, let’s look at the workload involved and break it down from there. Projecting is my primary mental activity, and sometimes I feel as though this process carries on non-stop. As … Read more

Ending the Illusion

Once riddled with silly thinking, my mind is finally a much healthier, happier version of itself, thank God for that. Although, if I’m honest, sometimes I feel like I’m STILL sweating out my previous beliefs and illusions, which shows just how powerful they once were. When Reality Served Back a Dose, I Joined the Resistance … Read more


When I’m faced with a problem or a challenge and turn away, or if I’m overloaded by programs, I’d escape a heavy fragment and move into a lighter zone.