Lighter Fragment Oasis

Once all is put aside and the dashing move made, I’m now back in the zone. Just what problems, exactly? Because, whatever they were, they’re finally behind as I’ve clocked off for a much deserved and anticipated break.

Here, within my heavy-mental annex, I’ve escaped nature’s impositions by successfully projecting enough distraction to keep me satisfied and relieved. Fortunately, I’ve sought out and harvested ample ‘artificial space’ by refining my memory, and now the clutter is almost non-existent (in that world of mental existence).

It’s about time I fill my world with perfect space again. Or at least my perception of it, which is all that counts.

As an Escape Artist, my thoughts have dug a pathway which seemingly leads to my freedom. By routinely massaging my senses at the precise point, they trigger the override I need to shake my heaviness away in order to find a more tranquil space. Unfortunately, that freedom is only ever short lived, and I end up back in a cage once more.

A Traditional Remedy Can Create a Buffer Around My Problems

Simple Ingredients & Instructions:

In a bowl, I place a mixture of Long-Term Remembrances that are still slightly registering or had previously registered pleasure. Next, I add in specific Short-Term Memories using just the right measurements of each to trick my mind into thinking something good will soon reoccur. It’s almost like listening to a remix track of a favourite decades-old song mixed with something new and trendy.

Hence, the calming effects from a chemical reaction producing an immediate sense of relief from simply anticipating a greater experience ahead. In fact, the event doesn’t actually need to happen at all as it comes down to my beliefs. I only have to believe that it will or might occur.

And if my brew is strong enough, I’ll get super excited!

Meanwhile, I simply stay on the drip labelled ‘Enhanced Projections’ until my bag empties and any spacious-felt sensations wear off.

I do love my lighter or floatier fragments. But obviously, who wouldn’t?