Understanding Internal Time & Space

Did you know The Psychological has its own Universe called The Innerverse? An internal Space & Time covering my entire state of mind? Feelings & emotions?

Calendar Time: Our Collective Measure

Understanding the time cogs is important for a natural flow in ones life. Learn about Time from a new perspective. Also, see how I often trick myself and seize up.

Overthinking: Consumed in Time

Overthinking:Consumed in Time When properly recognised and understood, Psychological Time, in both its free-flowing and distressed forms, can be a real beneficial aspect to life. After all, it provides the internal space in which I can contemplate situations in life, both positive and negative, thus enabling me to make decisions on how to face them, … Read more

Time Compression Field

It has its name for good reason. When Time compresses, it means I’m cluttered, anxious and annoyed, and it feels like the walls of life are closing in from every direction. Pressure has risen to a breaking point and is clearly expressing itself thru my nervous system because of a broken component in my life, … Read more

Tomorrow: Always Formulating

Tomorrow:Always Formulating Other than the obvious meaning of pointing towards the future, ‘Tomorrow’ in Mindless lingo generally implies a time or scenario that is either better or worse off inside a projection. Oh, and it isn’t limited to the following day, being possibly weeks, months or years in this direction. Either I project and want to follow, … Read more