Calendar Time:
Our Collective Measure

Warmed up

Now that we have warmed up, let’s dig a little deeper and get a better TIME-STRETCH.

Aka Shared / Physical / Outer / Chronological Time

Collective time

Having already touched on this version of time, let’s continue from where we left off.

I live alongside everyone else in this world, so if I don’t stay synced, I’ll struggle (and this is coming from a lifelong time struggler!). Calendar Time is a collective measure we all share in our relationship with the outside world. Each of us must move around and engage in various activities that occupy many physical spaces in reality, or else problems will follow. Therefore, to smoothly process my behaviour in with yours, I require a common interval between us so that we collaborate and create the uniformity needed in the name of civilised life or experiencing human reality.

However, my perception of time, which is where I FEEL Time’s weight and floatiness, is solely dependent on my current state of mind. It can easily fall out of the collective without notice.

Can you relate to the following scenario?

When something pops up and turns my mood dark, a second feels like 5 or 10, and I now run off an internal clock with my heartbeat and pulse acting as the hands. Except, it’s on a much larger clock that takes forever to make one cycle.

Explaining Time's Interdimensional Conversion

I compress or bend the perception of time in my mind, either feeling it for longer or shorter depending on the sensations drawn from fear or pleasure respectively. In the above scenario, the ratio of Physical to Psychological Time shapes at 1:5 or 1:10 and is undesirable. When reversed, the effects turn to a spacious quality rather than a tight one, and the ratio sets as 5:1 or 10:1. In other words, time flies when we’re having fun. Also, it drags out when we’re not.

Here’s the ‘Time Tip’

If you often find yourself stuck in an undesirable field of Time, please watch as the appealing sensation eventually cycles its way back into your mind regardless of however short the shift lasts. Because if you do, and you begin noticing these changes in scenery, then you are self-aware and are helping yourself by opening another dimension of your mind.

Also, notice what action you take upon the change in your mind’s tide. Are you encouraging more positive thoughts as a way to continue deflecting or suppressing the undesirable scene from coming back? Or are they creeping up and taking over regardless of the force that you apply? Now that I have seen myself mentally fluctuate and flip from one side of the spectrum to the other, I work much better with Calendar Time.

It’s definitely the power in my mind that rules my world of time, and not the clock on the wall.