Escaping Time

When things get too distressing, I head up to the Clouds of the Mind taking full advantage of Free-flowing Time. This is the essence of Escaping Time.

What is the Discreet Yet Powerful ‘Force of Ignorance’?

Ignorance is destructive energy that redirects my attention away from problems that require good attention to solve them.

When I have something on my mind and turn away from it, rather than face it and resolve it, I escape Time. Therefore, the ‘thing’ that’s on my mind ends up being ‘God-forsaken Time’, which is a constant reminder of a problem I’ll eventually have to face in Real Time. Believe me when I say it’s the one sure thing I now hold a degree in, and with honours.

As I reach a threshold or the maximum PSI in my mind, something inside urges me to seek out an escape or a way to relieve the immense pressure. It’s been a while since I last had one, or it especially feels that way thanks to the compression building between each of my dense ideas. Now, this is when I know that I’m definitely overdue to get on a cloud of sensational space and hover my attention elsewhere, to a land of decompression.

Just before liftoff, I notice my breathing begins to slow and I feel a calming sense of relief from what appears as ‘new scenery’ entering my life. But in reality, these are none other than ‘memorable moments’ that were touched-up again in order to reconstitute and regulate the appeal quality inside my brain. I guess we could also call it a threshold psychological drug that eventually helps me grow wings and fly away upon certain mental conditions.

By flying high, an appropriate set of desirable projections have successfully carried a dose of the old pleasant influence again. It is just enough dope to deregister my attention from the compression by using my mind’s ability to re-dress or re-paint my ideas, feeling them in a reverse way as they play a distractive role. Therefore, this recycled, short-lived perception simply triggers chemicals that decompress my mind for a short amount of time. Although my problems still exist, I am now ignorant to them, and that’s good enough in my escapist state of mind.

Flowing Freely Away From the Restraints

A makeover of the past helps me forget my ‘stresses of Time’ for a while, so I let the show go on for as long as I possibly can. I mean, why stop a good thing in its tracks? Naturally, it’s anything that takes the immediate focus off the ‘weight of Time’ that I consider fresh and vibrant. By this stage, I’m not caring about anything long term as short-term stability is enough for now.

However, another part of me knows better and always has. Except, as always, I ignore all the signs. Something behind the scenes would whisper, “Lee… you know you are only backlogging” and it tries to forewarn me. But as per usual, I ignore the message and get back to my cloud hovering distraction.

Then, the unwanted voice pops up a few more times as the day plays out, reminding me that “These problems are only postponed and they will return soon.”

But in my typical trancelike ignorance that saved me on every other occasion (or had it, really?), I arrogantly brush it all aside and happily accept the new recycled scene that stands before me.

I allow more and more of these positive thoughts to trickle in for as long as I possibly can, or at least until all value gets spent from the appeal. At which time there’s a loud knock at the door, and the reality of my actions is standing there wanting to get paid.

My aim inside this manic state of mind (Free-flowing Time stepped up into Escapism Time) is to keep avoiding the heaviness of Time and forget my worries until life finally drags me back.

Summing up My Ignorance

Hiding from the clock is a pattern of slowing down my pulse by subtly massaging my negative perception with positive reinforcement, thereby compensating one over the other. I go from a compressed state of mind to a decompressed state of mind, and quite often in a very short time. However, today I’m well aware that I cannot hold the effects of positivity forever because of the polarised nature of Time.

It’s a simple notion… If I grab hold of a good time, I’m bound to a bad time.

Temporarily happy