Psychological Time

Nice and slowly, we’ll start with explaining Psychological Time, which is when we sense a ‘time and place’ independent from our real-time location in the physical Universe.

Psychological Time, in a broad sense, describes any mental pressures that are processing in my mind from either the memories I hold of the past, or whatever refinements of those memories that I produce to appear as the future. Simply put, it’s my conscious activity that generates the feeling of being in another time. Or it’s a line of time or timeline of events that I feel I’ve been transported to through my time machine of a mind, if that makes sense.

Thus, broadly speaking, Psychological Time = Any Surface Thinking.

However, I can also refine my ideas to appear so that I perceive the ‘present’ in an illusion, when in fact I’ve stepped back or forward in time. Confused? Let me explain… Often, these hypnotic and blissful feelings trick me into believing that I’m actually present or in the ‘now’. When really, I have inflated an artificial space made from the ‘wonders of time’ stored in my memory, which is now mimicking present reality. Or when the setting is right, I’m able to tap into the remnants of ‘past positive meaning’ which makes me feel as though yesterday and tomorrow have no hold over me. It’s a tricky one to uncover.

Yesterday + Tomorrow + Any idea of the Present/Now (which is actually a tricky refinement altering my perception of reality) ALL equals Psychological Time in my mind. I know it sounds odd at first, but it will make sense soon enough. Therefore, Psychological Time (again, broadly speaking) = All Thoughts Playing Out. It basically covers my entire psychological activity.

Although, when Psychological Time is implied in a general speaking sense on this website, aka the Default Time, it points to a negative perception. This is when a build-up of pressure makes the time on the clock feel more noticeable than usual from all the banging ticks and tocks, and overall mental ruckus that tries to bring an end to the current perception of a waiting game. But technically or broadly speaking, Psychological Time includes all of my thoughts as any pressure can be expressed through either a positive or negative charge.

Ok, let’s take a moment to relax before we give our MIND TIME MUSCLE another workout. We’ll certainly need it to finish off this section.