The Driving Forces

The 3 big players responsible for channelling my attention are, Desire, Willpower & Focus. By clearly seeing ‘the complex’ I arrive at ‘the simple’.

Desiring: The Attracting Force

It’s time to hand in old habits for a chance at actualising my thoughts into reality. From all my past memories that registered pleasure, I naturally want experiences like these to replay. Except, I’d usually go overboard and stay caught up in an unreal world. So I have to approach this differently

My Willpower

When there’s a will there’s less way! Do I really need all the chatter that comes with traditional willing? Or is it because of a cash advance I keep taking early?

Focus & Concentration

When I apply force to look deeper into some ‘thing’ or ‘aspect’, I redirect my energy into a smaller container and cordon off any distractions.

The Desire Complex: Drowned in Positivity

The Desire Complex: Drowned in Positivity With business as usual, my mental habits continue to convince me that the story playing upstairs is where only good things grow. It’s called the Desire Complex because my thoughts go into projection overdrive, and I reap the rewards of psychological stimuli before ever setting foot on the big … Read more