The Desire Complex
Drowned in Positivity

With business as usual, my mental habits continue to convince me that the story playing upstairs is where only good things grow. It’s called the Desire Complex because my thoughts go into projection overdrive, and I reap the rewards of psychological stimuli before ever setting foot on the big stage. Of course, I need some sort of stimulation to get things moving or else I won’t put one foot in front of the next, or even get out of bed.

But when I stay lounging around and indulge in Unrealism for long periods, by continually refining and over-practising my theatrical role for a greater applause (coming from only myself as both the ‘actor’ and ‘audience’), then life gets complicated. And, if you’ve already read and understood the section on Highly Refined Projections, you’ll know my reality distorts when attention gets hijacked by impulsive taste buds that basically run the show.

The Desire Complex In a Nutshell:

An Undisciplined Desire overstimulates my sensors with majestic space from these ideas, and I end up craving more, more & more sensation not long after the fuel runs out.

Meaning, I end up confined — without any space. At its worst, it keeps me locked in the unreal, at the expense of the real.